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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Hometip's and tricks20+ Best Short Story In Hindi: Stories For Kids

20+ Best Short Story In Hindi: Stories For Kids

Stories are the best source of knowledge. That’s why today we have brought here Short Story In Hindi for children, after reading which your child will not only be entertained but they will also get a good learning.

Short stories in hindi

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Educational Stories – Short Stories In Hindi 2022

People of all ages like to listen to stories because they entertain us and learn a lot.

Here we have presented some such good learning stories for you, which you can also listen to and narrate to your children too.

1. The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon a time, a lion was sleeping under a tree. Just then a mouse came there and started jumping on the body of the sleeping lion. Due to which the lion got fed up and he grabbed the yoke with his claws. The lion said angrily, “Why did the foolish mouse bother me?” Now you will definitely get the punishment.


The mouse got scared and started apologizing to the lion and said, “Let me go, I will definitely help you if you need it instead.” After hearing this the lion started laughing and started thinking that what will this mouse help me. Seeing the mouse pleading, the lion forgave him and left.

A few days later, the lion gets caught in a trap set by the hunter in the forest. The lion tries a lot to get out of that trap but he fails to get out and starts roaring. Hearing this sound, the mouse reaches there to save the lion.

The mouse saves the life of the lion by biting the net with its teeth. The lion is very happy with this act of the mouse and tells the mouse that friend, I will not forget this favor of yours.


Lesson :- One should never be considered small or weak.

2. Thirsty Crow

Once upon a time, there lived a crow in a forest. One day he felt very thirsty. He flew long distances in search of water but could not find water anywhere.

When he was very tired, he finally saw a pot containing some water. When the crow wanted to drink water, its beak could not reach the water. He tried every way to drink water, but it all went in vain.


The crow got restless, only then suggest a solution to him. He collected the pebbles from the surroundings and put them one by one with his beak into the pitcher till the water came up. Then the crow drank a whole lot of water.

In this way the crow quenched his thirst with his hard work and stamina and saved his life.

Lesson :- We should not lose heart under any circumstances. Keep working hard because only those who work hard get success.


3. Greedy Lion

Once upon a time, it was summer. In a forest, a lion was very hungry, so he was looking for food here and there. After sometime he found a hare but the lion left him because he was too young.

Then after sometime he found a deer, he followed it but the lion was very tired so he could not catch the deer.

When he could not find anything, he thought of coming back and eating the rabbit. When he came back to that place, the rabbit had left from there.


The lion became very sad and had to starve for many days.

Lesson :- Too much greed is never fruitful.

4. Silly Donkey

A salt merchant used to go to the market every day carrying a sack of salt on his donkey. On the way he had to cross a river.


One day while crossing the river, the donkey suddenly fell into the river and the salt sack also fell into the water. The sack of salt dissolved in the water and the sack became very light.

That made the donkey very happy. Now the donkey started doing the same trick again. Due to this the merchant suffered a lot.

The merchant understands the cunning of the donkey and decides to teach the donkey a lesson.


The next day the merchant loaded a heavy cotton sack on the donkey.

The donkey again deliberately fell into the river as he hoped that his weight would become lighter.

But after getting wet, the cotton became very heavy and the donkey had to suffer. After that day the donkey did not move.


Now the merchant was very happy.

Lesson :- Luck does not always favor, we should always use our intelligence.

5. Story of a Cock

Once upon a time, there lived many chickens in a village. The children of the village harassed a rooster so much that the rooster got fed up, he thought that the next morning I would not make a sound. When everyone keeps sleeping, everyone will understand my importance and will not disturb me.


The next morning the chicken made no sound. Everyone got up on time and started doing their work, the rooster understood that no work stops without anyone. Everyone’s work goes on.

Lesson :- Don’t be proud, people get to know your importance without informing them.

6. Ant and Pigeon

It was summer, an ant was very thirsty. She reached the bank of a river looking for water. She climbed on a small stone to drink water from the river.


As soon as she started drinking water, she slipped off the stone and fell into the river. The flow of water was fast due to which the ant started flowing in the river.

There was a tree near the river on which a pigeon was sitting.

The pigeon’s eyes fell on the ant, to help him, he plucked a leaf from the tree and threw it into the river and the ant climbed on it.


After some time the leaf reached the dry land and the ant came out of the water and thanked the pigeon.

In the evening a hunter came to hunt pigeons. The pigeon was unaware of this and was sleeping peacefully. As the ant saw the Shikhar, he went to his feet and bit him.

Due to this the hunter’s scream came out and he started screaming. Hearing his scream, the dove woke up and flew away.


The noble deed that the pigeon did by saving the life of the ant, today he has saved his life.

Lesson :- a good deed always comes around

7. The Wolf and Stork Story

A wolf lived in a forest. One day he was doing a hunt and eating that animal. While eating, a bone gets stuck in his throat. Despite many efforts, the wolf is unable to remove that bone from his throat and becomes very upset.


Then he sees a stork. Seeing his long beak, the wolf asks him for help,

The stork comes to the wolf in fear. The wolf tells him that you take out the bone stuck in my neck, I will reward you in return.

The stork got greedy. He removes the neck bone of the wolf with his long beak.


After the bone is removed, the wolf starts leaving from there.

Seeing this, the stork says, give my reward. Hearing this, the wolf says to the stork, your neck has come out safely from my throat, this is your reward. This made the stork very sad.

Lesson :- We should never be with selfish people. Do not expect any kind of profit in return for helping a person who does not have self-respect.


8. Story of Fox

A fox was passing through the forest. On seeing the hanging bunches of grapes on the way, the fox’s mouth waters. She said to herself, “These grapes must be sweet and juicy.”

He jumped several times to pluck the grapes, but the grapes did not reach him.

She started thinking, I wish the grape vines were a little lower, they would have easily plucked the grapes.


The fox did not see anything far and wide with the help of which it could pluck the grapes.

After taking some rest, the fox jumped again, but despite repeated attempts, it did not manage to pluck the grapes.

Exhausted, he changed his intention to pluck grapes saying “grapes are sour, I don’t eat grapes”.


Lesson :- If we are not able to achieve something without right effort then we should not form wrong opinion about that thing.

9. The Wolf Came The Wolf Came Story

A boy goes to graze sheep in the forest. He gets very bored while grazing the sheep alone. One day he decided to joke.

He shouted loudly, Save.. Wolf.. Wolf.. Hearing this, all the people working in the nearby fields rushed to the boy.


Arriving there he saw that there was no wolf there. The boy was very happy seeing this.

The next day the boy cried again, people again ran to chase the wolf but the wolf was not found.

The boy was again very happy after making fun of the villagers.


Next three When the boy suddenly saw a wolf attacking his sheep, he shouted again, save, wolf.. wolf..

But the villagers thought that he was joking again. So they did not come to his aid.

Whereas the boy, this time literally lost his 2 – 3 sheep.


Lesson :- We should never lie. Otherwise everyone will consider your truth as a lie.

10. Story of Unity (Short Stories In Hindi)

Once upon a time. The three bulls were very good friends among themselves. Together they would go to graze the grass and share everything among themselves without any attachment or hatred.

A lion was after all three of them for a long time. But he knew that as long as these three are united, I cannot harm him.


The lion made a move to separate the three of them from each other.

He started spreading rumors about bullocks. Hearing the rumours, a misunderstanding arose between the three of them.

Slowly they started burning with each other. Finally one day they got into a fight and they started living separately.


It was a great opportunity for the lion. He took full advantage of this and killed and ate all three one by one.

Lesson :- There is power in unity.


Through stories, not only children but we can also be inspired because even a small story can give a big lesson.


Here we have presented with you some such short stories in Hindi which gives us the biggest lesson of life.

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