Monday, February 4, 2019

first think of yourself, recognize yourself. Then proceed with full diligence

* When a child was 13 years old, his father gave him an old cloth and asked for the price. *

The child said Rs 100 Then the father said that by selling it, come for two hundred rupees. The child cleaned that cloth and washed it well and kept the cloth folded properly. The next day she took her to the railway station where, after several hours of hard work, the cloth sold for two hundred rupees.

After a few days, his father gave him the same second garment and asked him to sell for Rs 500.
This time, with the help of a painter friend, the child painted a beautiful picture on that cloth and reached for selling in a Gulzar market. One person bought that cloth for Rs 500 and gave him 100 rupees.

When the child came back, his father again gave a cloth hand in hand and asked him to sell for two thousand rupees. This time the child knew how to get so much cost of this dress. In her city there was a renowned artist for shooting a movie. The child reached the artist and took his autograph on the same clothes.

After taking the autograph, the child made the bid of the same clothes. The bid started from two thousand and a trader took that cloth for Rs.12000.

When the child reached home after taking the money, he happily tears in his father's eyes. He asked the son, what have you learned while selling clothes for so many days? Tell the child - first think of yourself, recognize yourself. Then proceed with full diligence, as the path comes where the path comes out. '