Which Programming Language is Right for Developer Job?

Which Programming Language is Right for Developer Job?

Which Programming Language is Right for Developer Job?

Everyone with information about computer science has the dream of making a software, web or mobile app developer, everyone wants that he has so much programming knowledge that he can create his own software, website or app or Find a high paying developer job in the software company
Which Programming Language is Right for Developer Job?
Which Programming Language is Right for Developer Job?

Finding a job in an app, web or software developer in India is not very difficult, but success is a difficult task. Many people work in the computer science development field and some of them are fail and some people get hundreds of millions of rupees every year. If you are a BCA or B.Tech, CSE student and as a developer, your career Want to make So you have the right place here. But here we will learn through some programming language data research and case study which programmatic language developer is right for the job? And what you can choose.

What is Programming Language

Programming language is also known as formal or machine language. It is made up of some instruction which helps the computer to run properly. Its basic 3 phase is there.

Input - Whatever input is given by the user, such as play music.Process - User processes the input and converts it into machine language so that computer CPU is understood. Based on Output - Input, get the correct output .

World 1st programming language is the world's first offical computer program language 'Plankalkül' which was created by Konrad Zuse between 1943 and 1945. In 1949 it was declared the world's first high level programming language.

List of programming language:

If you search on the internet how many programming languages ​​are in the world then you will not get the correct information but still get information about 7,000+ languages.

  1. CC ++ 
  2. # Java
  3. PHP

Like we know about common computer language but this is not limited to just five, you can check full list on Wikipedia.
Top 10 Best Programming Language 2019
According to hackr.io, better developer is the world's 10 most popular programming languages, given the job and future.

# 1 JavaScript:

The 'javascript' is the most commonly used language used by any organization on small GitHub. This is a high-level programming language which is one of the core technologies of the World wide web. Learn JavaScript Online

# 2 Java:

Java is the object-oriented programming language that Sun Microsystem created and is now owned by Oracle. It is used for development on all platforms like Web, Mobile and computer system.

# 3 Python:

The world's most tech-growing high-level programming language is 'Paython' and its demand increases every day, because it is largely used for machine learning and data analysis work.

# 4 PHP

PHP is used to create reponsive web pages and many big and popular websites are based on this. But according to developers, this is the worst language and now it is not of any use.

# 5C ++

C ++ is used to create games, create browsers and create an operating system. This is an old language, but still it is popular throughout the world.

# 6C #:

It can be called a Java alternative in a way that is C sharp (#) created by Microsoft and almost all Microsoft applications are used and C # is used to create web, software and mobile apps.

# 7 TypeScript:

It's a JavaScript alternative that has almost complete functionality, feature, and Syntax alike, TypeScript also created by Microsoft.

# 8 Shell:

Shell script is a computer program used to manage operating system. This system is an essentail language for administrators.

# 9C:

This is an old and widly used programming language, it is taught at the beginning of computer science and this is the first program code for every single student.

# 10 Ruby:

Ruby is open source programming language and most apps that make up today are based on this. 'Ruby on Rails' is a popular framework where popular web applications like GitHub, SoudCloud have been developed.

Which Programming Language is the right to get a Developer Job?

You will get any software, app or web development company to go to any city of India and you can find software developer job, web developer job or App developer job everywhere in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune. will go.

When we are studying in the collage, we do not get the time to go out of our subject and cover the industry, which is taught in the collage. It seems we have a career in this bus. It is a good job. but it's not like that.

If I share with my experiece, there is a lot of developer job in India but the stability is very low. If you have taught javascript then you will get job at it but for the sake of keeping your job financial, professional growth is not enough just for JavaScript, with it you should be aware of all the JavaScript frameworks. for example…

  1. AngularJS
  2. ReactJS
  3. Meteor.JS
  4. Node.JS
  5. EmberJS
  6. Mithril.JS
  7. PolymerJS
  8. VueJS
  9. Aurelia.js

That's not enough, you should have good knowledge about JavaScript Libraries and in the future if there is a new framework or library, then it will have to be updated too. This is not just with JavaScript, with every single programming language.
Best Programming Language & Field for 

Developer Job:

Most development companies in India are service-based i.e. they work for software, website or app development for anyone else. In this case, they have to work according to the need of the client.
Due to the Indian IT sector service being built, developers sometimes have to work on Java, sometimes Angular, and therefore they do not specialize in their work.
If you also do similar service based then you can never become a master developer.
 I believe,
Product based development is better because the service has stability and you will get best knowledge about every single module, functionality of that product. I have told about some product based developer job discription here, which are trending today.

SAP Developer:

SAP is a multinational software corporation that creates software for managing business operations and customer relationships, at this time SAP office is present in 180 countries and its ERP is considered the world's best ERP system.

SAP Programming Language:

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is made from SAP and used to develop SAP and its applications based on it. for example..

  1. Reports
  2. ModulePoolProgramming
  3. Interfaces
  4. Forms
  5. Data conversions

SAP Developer Salary:

The average salary of SAP ABAP developer in India is 371k to 1200k per year and it changes with position experience, location and knowledge. Here are the details of SAP developer salary in some of the top companies in India.

How to learn SAP ABAP?

ABAP Programming You can learn both online and offline through its course online Udemy or you can contact a training institute.

Salesforce Developer:

It is a cloud-based software company and is primarily famous for Salesforce CRM all over the world. From IoT to AI all applications are created and integrated, on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Programming Language:

APEX is the programming language of Salesforce, which is an object-oriented language. Salesforce platform is used to develop applications of any kind, or is used for any kind of development, integration and customization.

Salesforce Developer Job Salary:

In India, the basic pay salary of a Salesforce developer is 519,377 per year which changes according to company, experience and location. If seen in USA, its salary starts at $ 110,897 per year.

How did Salesforce develop?

There is a fee for salesforce certification but online training is free and you can learn from beginner to expert level by learning about https://trailhead.salesforce.com/. With this you can also learn through training institute.

ETL Developer:

Extract, Transform, Load develop is one kind of IT specialist whose work is to design and control data storage. Data warehousing is the most used ETL.

ETL Programming Language:

It does not have any language of its own, SQL programming and all the other database language PL / SQL, MS SQL, etc. are used. With it there is programming language like Python, Perl.

ETL Developer Salary:

The salary of ETL developer starts at about Rs 500,000 per year in India and is changing according to experience, location and knowledge.

How did ETL Developer become?

To make an ETL developer, there should be information about one of the ETL tools (Talend, Oracle Warehouse Builder etc.) for that you have to take ETL developer training from a good institution.

BI Developer:

BI is Business Intelligence is a powerful software application used in data visualization and reporting. This desktop, Cloud and Mobile are used in three places. These are some popular BI software tools.
SAP BIOracle BIMicrosoft Power Bitableau

BI Programming Language:

Which programing language is for BI developer job, or depends on which BI software you want to work on.
For Power BI developer, there should be information about DAX, C # with database programming.

BI Developer Salary:

India's average BI developer salary starts at around Rs 5 lakhs, which is changing according to the experience location and knowledge.

How did BI developer?

The basic information about BI Developer will be found in online free but for complete training, you have to go to any institute and take training from there.
Friends, if you want to go to the development field, for me, this is your best field and developer job description. Which can give you high paying job in the future. If you have any suggestions or questions, you must write in the comment