ISRO to launch India's second satellite mission Chandrayaan a pair of on July 15

ISRO to launch India's second satellite mission Chandrayaan a pair of on July 15

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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will dispatch India's second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 on 15 July at 2:51 am. Reporting the dispatch date, ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan stated: "We are going to arrive on the Moon either on September 6 or September 7, that day happens to be the start of a lunar day. For one full lunar day, the lander and meanderer will work and will do logical tests." 

The expense of Chandrayaan 2 Mission chiefly the satellite part, including the help from remote organizations just as for route reason for existing, is Rs. 603 crore, Dr Sivan included. 

The ISRO additionally shared the primary pictures of Chandrayaan-2 the lander and orbiter at its Satellite Integration and Testing foundation in Bengaluru on Wednesday. 

Chandrayaan 2 has three modules to be specific Orbiter, Lander (Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan). The Orbiter and Lander modules will be interfaced precisely and stacked together as an incorporated module and obliged inside the GSLV MK-III dispatch vehicle while the Rover is housed inside the Lander. 

Subsequent to propelling into earth-bound circle by GSLV MK-III, the incorporated module will achieve Moon circle utilizing Orbiter drive module. In this manner, Lander will isolate from the Orbiter and delicate land at the foreordained site near lunar South Pole. 

Further, the Rover will take off for doing logical tests on the lunar surface. Instruments are additionally mounted on Lander and Orbiter for completing logical tests. 

The logical examinations incorporate discovering water and uncommon minerals on the lunar surface. The shuttle will convey 11 payloads – six from India, three from Europe, two from USA. GSLV MKIII, which will convey house the moon lander, weighs 3.8 tons. 

Chandrayaan-2 comes 10 years after ISRO propelled its first lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, in 2009. The mission incorporated a lunar orbiter and an impactor however did exclude a meanderer like Chandrayaan-2.