5 best Free Fire character abilities for passive playstyle (2022)

Rush gameplay is quite prevalent among Garena Free Fire users as it enhances the thrill of the battlefield. However, if players want to win a match, an aggressive playstyle is not always the right option. It reduces the chances of survival and consequently minimizes the opportunities to claim victories.

Passive gameplay strategy, on the contrary, is more helpful and, to an extent, essential for survival during a match. Users can avoid unnecessary fights for the majority duration of a Free Fire match and unleash the attack in the endzone fights, They can also use suitable characters for passive playstyle.

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The best character abilities to support a passive gameplay strategy in Free Fire

1) Dimitri: Ability – Healing Heartbeat (Active)

despite being an active character ability, ‘Healing Heartbeat’ is ideal for the players who adopt a passive playstyle. It focuses on providing healing support when players or allies are low on health during a match.

Dimitri creates a 3.5m diameter healing zone that stays for 10 seconds. Users and their teammates can recover HP at a rate of three points/second. This zone also helps down players to revive on their own.

‘Healing Heartbeat’ has a cooldown of 85 seconds, which is decent for an active skill.

2) Wukong: Ability – Camouflage (Active)

Wukong is a character that helps players maintain stealth during a match. Players can activate Wukong’s ‘Camouflage’ skill to turn into a bush for 10 seconds while encountering a 20% loss in their agility.

Upon firing, they can turn back into Wukong. Therefore, ‘Camouflage’ is an excellent ability to be defensive in the early stages of a match while executing a sneak in the endzone scuffles.

The cooldown of 300 seconds is a demerit of Wukong; hence, Free Fire players should use him carefully.

3) Chrono: Ability – Time Turner (Active)

Chrono used to be one of the strongest characters in Free Fire, but the multiple nerfs led to its downfall. Currently, his ‘Time Turner’ ability is only useful for providing a temporary shield during a fight.

Players can activate Chrono’s ‘Time Turner’ to create an impenetrable force field that can withstand 800 damage for four seconds, with a cooldown of 180 seconds. Hence, Chrono is more beneficial for passive playstyle.

4) K (Captain Booyah): Ability – Master of All (Active)

K’s ability ‘Master of All’ has two different modes that offer power-ups related to EP. The ‘Jiu-jitsu’ mode provides a boost in conversion rate for allies by 600% if they lie within a six-meter radius of K, while ‘Psychology’ mode offers continuous EP gain in Free Fire.

Players can recover EP at a rate of 2.2 points every three seconds till the max EP is reached. ‘Master of All’ also enhances the max EP capacity to 150, which is helpful for any gameplay strategy.

Players can quickly recover HP with the decomposition of EP they have gained through Psychology mode. Hence, this HP regeneration helps users regardless of their playstyle.

5) A124: Ability – Thrill of Battle (Active)

A124 offers an increase in EP to HP conversion rate in four 4 seconds, and players can convert as much as 20 EP into HP. After each usage, the ability will have a cooldown of 10 seconds, and it will become available again during a Free Fire match.

Like K, A124 is also helpful in any situation and gameplay strategy. Players can use her skill while escaping the enemy fire or during an attack. ‘Thrill of Battle’ serves as a boost during rush while providing a rapid recovery to players with a passive playstyle,

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer’s opinion. The abilities are listed at the minimum level of each character and players can upgrade them to make them more powerful.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha


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