5 best Free Fire pets for beginners in January 2022

Much like characters, Free Fire pets also have unique skills that can be used in Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches. Players can head over to the in-game store to purchase a pet of their choice.

Beginners often struggle to choose the right pet and character. Therefore, this list will help them make the right decision when it comes to selecting pets for Free Fire matches.

5 Free Fire pets that will help beginners improve their gameplay experience

1) Agent Hope

Agent Hop's Bouncing Bonus ability (Image via Garena)
Agent Hop’s Bouncing Bonus ability (Image via Garena)

Many beginners struggle to reach a safe spot within time whenever the zone shrinks, which often leads to loss of health. Hence, Agent Hope’s ability, Bouncing Bonus, helps players recover 30 EP whenever the zone shrinks. At the maximum level, 50 EPs can be recovered using the Free Fire pet.

2) Dr Beanie

Dr Beanie's Dashy Duckwalk ability (Image via Garena)
Dr Beanie’s Dashy Duckwalk ability (Image via Garena)

It boosts the movement speed of players and ensures that they are difficult to target. Beginners can use Dr. Beanie’s Dashy ‘Duckwalk’ ability to increase their movement speed by 30% at the initial level and 60% at the final level whenever they are crouching. They can pair him with DJ Alok and D-bee for better results.

3) Rockie

Rockie's Stay Chill ability (Image via Garena)
Rockie’s Stay Chill ability (Image via Garena)

Rockie can be paired with active characters to lower their cooldown times. Beginners will benefit once they use Stay Chill to reduce the cooldown times of Free Fire characters like Xayne, Skyler, Chrono, DJ Alok, and more. Cooldown time is reduced by 6% at the first level and 15% is reduced at the top level.

4) Robo

Robo's Wall Enforcement ability (Image via Garena)
Robo’s Wall Enforcement ability (Image via Garena)

Since there are characters like Skyler and Xayne who can destroy gloo walls, beginners will feel safer using Robo, as the pet adds a layer of protection to the gloo wall. His ability, Wall Enforcement, also provides 60 additional HP. A maximum of 100 HP is recovered at the highest level to ensure better wall protection.

5) Dreki

Dreki's Dragon Glare ability (Image via Garena)
Dreki’s Dragon Glare ability (Image via Garena)

Beginners often face trouble identifying the location of their enemies. With Dreki’s ability, Dragon Glare, they will be able to locate opponents using med kits within a range of 10 meters (30 meters at the maximum level) even if they are hiding behind a wall. The durability of the ability gradually increases from 3 seconds (lowest level) to 5 seconds (highest level).

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s opinion and is not ranked in any order.


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