5 best-looking Garena Free Fire gun skins in January 2022

Free Fire offers various real-life inspired weapons to enhance the battle royale experience. Players can equip these guns and wreak havoc on the battlefield.

To further make their gameplay fun-filled, Garena launches lots of weapon skins in the game. Users can get these items from events, diamonds, or the Elite Pass.

Garena Free Fire gun skins that are amazing in appearance

5) Groza Operano

The Groza Operano skin (Image via Garena)
The Groza Operano skin (Image via Garena)

The Operano Skin for Groza, with its blue and purple theme, offers a great look to the weapon. The item looks astonishing, with vibrant graffiti covering the gun.

It is available in the Operano Weapon Crate, which costs 40 diamonds. The gun skin improves the accuracy and armor penetration of the weapon.

4) AWM – Swallowtail

The AWM Swallowtail is the coolest skin for the AWM in Free Fire. Its main feature is the butterfly wings in the muzzle. There are also small animated butterflies flying around the gun.

Gamers can get the skin from the Swallowtail Weapon Crate for 40 diamonds. Upon equipping the weapon, they get an increased rate of fire and magazine capacity.

3) AUG-Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter

The Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter AUG skin is also eye-catching. It has a futuristic look, with animated scales covering the item, which improves the fire rate and accuracy of the weapon.

Players have to compromise with decreased range, though. It makes the firearm a good choice for close-range combat and is available in a 40 Diamond Loot Crate in the armory section.

2) AK Flaming Red

Flaming Red for the AK is also a good choice for users looking to purchase a good-looking skin. It has a red-color theme, with red flames coming out.

Players can get the skin from the 40 Diamond Loot Crate. They can improve the damage and range with the skin, but the weapon’s magazine capacity gets reduced.

1) MAG-7 Lethal Finstooth

The Lethal Finstooth weapon skin for the MAG-7 is one of the most beautiful Free Fire skins. It has a sea-blue theme with animated bubbles coming out, and players can also see blue flames coming out of the muzzle and body.

Gamers can get the skin for a 40 Diamond Loot Crate. Upon equipping the skin, the following attributes are changed:

  • Range – Increase (Double)
  • Accuracy – Decreased
  • Armor Penetration – Increased

Note: This article reflects the author’s views.


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