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Advantages, disadvantages, usage methods and prices of Patanjali herbal powerwita

Advantages, disadvantages, usage methods and prices of Patanjali herbal powerwita

Herbal PowerVita,patanjali power vita is a herbal health drink or supplement manufactured by Patanjali which is based on the principles of Ayurveda.

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There are well known chemists of Ayurveda such as Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Brahmi, Shankhuppi, etc. It contains gram, guava gum, and soya. Apart from this, Power Vita also has pearls and coral pataras. For taste, milk, cocoa powder, flavor and chocolate powder have been added for it.

One of its serving is about 20 grams, which is to be mixed in milk. Close to taking a serving of 20 grams, energy 17.37 kcal, protein 1.3 g, carbohydrate 17.41 g, fat 0.38 g, biotin 5.44 mcg, vitamin A 488 mcg, vitamin D 1.73 mcg, phosphorus 60.75 mg, potassium 33.69 mg, calcium 22.21 mg And Iron 9.57 mg.

Availability: It is available online and in stores. Manufacturer: Patanjali Value Price / MRP: ₹ 205/500 grams


Components of PatanjaliHerbal PowerVita.

Ingredients of Patanjali Herbal Power Vita in Hindi
Every 100 gram powder contains extracts of:

  1. Ashwagandha Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Root 0.15 grams
  2. Shatavari Root (Asparagus racemosus) 0.25 grams
  3. Shankhpushif ShankhpushpiWhole plant Powder 2.0 grams
  4. Brahmi Brahmi Powder Whole plant 0.15 grams
  5. Soya Soya Powder Seed 0.128 gram
  6. Gram Powder Seed 0.15 grams
  7. Cocco Coco Powder Seed 6.4 Guar Guar
  8. Gum Powder Exudate 0.133
  9. Sugar Sugar Powder 38.15 gram
  10. milk Milk Powder 6.92 gram
  11. Sea salt Samudri Lavan Mineral Powder 0.0427 grams
  12. Sajjkhar Mineral Powder 0.1 grams
  13. Powder Pearls Moti Pisti Classical Ayurvedic Formulation Powder 0.152 gram
  14. Paval Pishti Clustical Ayurvedic Formulation Powder 0.152 grams
  15. Malt Liquid Malt 42.7 grams GMS Glycerol Monostearate Powder 0.38 grams
  16. MDP Maltodextrin Powder 0.982 grams
  17. EV Ethyl vanilin powder 0.0023 grams
  18. Chocolate Chocolate Powder 0 0087 grams
  19. Chocolate Chocolate B Powder 0.0087 grams

Advantages of Patanjali Herbal PowerVita. Benefits of Patanjali Herbal Power Vita in Hindi

1)It is herbal.


2)It contains Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Brahmi, Shankhuppi etc.

3)It gives strength to the body.

4)Its weight increases with weight.


5)There are many vitamins and minerals in it.

6)There are calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus in the bone strength It contains Vitamin C and Iron which remove the deficiency of blood.

7) It also contains B vitamins which act as coafactors of enzymes in the body.


8)In this, selenium, zinc, copper The also therapeutic use Uses of Patanjali Herbal Power Vita is a health drink essential nutrients for growing children who have Hankptnjli herbal Povrvita.

Patanjali Herbal PowerVita intake method and quantity.
Dosage of Herbal Power Vita in Hindi

Take it twice a day, morning and evening.

11)Mix 20 gram power of Vita in cold or hot milk. Take it as a prescribed guide.


12)This drug can be bought online or from ayurvedic store.

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