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Anand Ahuja is thought for being the husband of Bollywood’s fashion prima donna Sonam Kapoor. He is a Delhi-based fashion enterpriser World Health Organization runs a fashion label known as Bhane, that contains a panopticon in New Delhi’s upmarket Meherchand Market. It won’t be wrong to mention that he’s a lot of referred to as the husband of Sonam Kapoor, rather than a successful entrepreneur. Check out Anand Ahuja , Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Family, Caste, Biography, Profession


Anand Ahuja was born on 29 july 19983 in new Delhi Gregorian calendar month 1983 in national capital. He grew up in Delhi’s swish Jor Bagh neck of the woods and presently lives in course, a neighbourhood in national capital. His grandpa, Harish Ahuja, runs one of India’s largest export house, Shahi Exports, and Anand is the managing director of it. He is the owner of a well-liked consumer goods whole known as Bhane. He conjointly owns VegNonVeg, India’s initial multi-brand sneaker store.

Physical Appearance

Being a sports enthusiast, he’s a ‘well-built’ guy World Health Organization is close to 5’ 9” inches tall and weighs around 65 sixty five weight unit. 
He has dark brown eyes, black hair and salt-and-pepper beard that creates him look even a lot of raffish

Family, Caste & Wife

Anand was born into a business category Hindu-Khatri Punjabi family. His father, Harish Ahuja could be a man of affairs, and mother, Priya Ahuja is Associate in Nursing woman of the house.

Anand Ahuja with his father
Anand Ahuja Mother

He has 2 younger brothers- Anant Ahuja and Amit Ahuja.

Anand Ahuja with his brother Anant Ahuja
If reports square measure to be believed, he first met Sonam Kapoor in 2014, when he was introduced to her fashion entrepreneur, Pernia Qureshi. Anand had projected to her at intervals few weeks when their initial meeting, which she accepted after a few months.
They were perpetually open concerning their relationship and footage of Anand and Sonam along were seen at public places, family events and holidays abroad.

Anand Ahuja in Sonam Kapoor’s family function
Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor in family function
Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor tied the knot on eight 8 may 2018 within the mansion of Sonam’s auntie Kavita Singh in Bandra, Mumbai. It was a standard Sikh ceremony that was attended by their relations and shut friends.


Anand could be a extremely educated enterpriser World Health Organization did his schooling from yankee Embassy college, New Delhi. He did his Bachelor of Science, Economics, and peacekeeping in 2007 from The author college of the University of Pennsylvania in urban center, Pennsylvania, USA. He had pursued his post graduation in Master in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, urban center, USA, but somehow he couldn’t complete it.
He did his internship with Deutsche Bankand worked as Product Manager Intern at Amazon and as an Assistant Buyer at Macy’s.
On his come to Asian country, he initially worked in the Business Development wing of Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd In 2012, he founded a clothing brand called Bhane.
Bhane- Clothing Brand
His love for apparel and sneakers made him build India’s first multi-brand sneaker company VegNonVeg.
Anand Ahuja sneaker store Veg Non-VegHe came into the limelight once news started spreading of his relationship with role player Sonam Kapoor.
He is the MD of his family-owned company and India’s largest export house ‘Shahi Exports’.He is a keen on sporting ‘Nike’ shoes.

Anand Ahuja- Nike lover
Sonam Kapoor conjointly wears the apparel of his consumer goods whole ‘Bhane’.He is conjointly terribly about to Pernia Qureshi (Sonam’s shut friend and her stylist).

He is a supporter of five ‘Los Angeles Lakers’.He loves travelling and his best-loved destinations are New York and Europe.He loves Brazilian dish ‘Acai bowl’.His all-time favourite song is ‘Hypnotize’ by The ill-famed B.I.G.Watch Anand’s history video: Anand Ahuja’s manner

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