Anxiety relapse is also a reality, know what could be its possible causes and solutions

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There is hardly any person in the world who does not have any problem in his life. Because problems are a part of life. Many people get so scared of their problems that its effect is clearly visible in their daily life. Always being under stress, being irritable or getting angry on every issue starts affecting their mental health. Such a problem is also called anxiety disorder. In most of the cases, it can be controlled through some medication and practical practices. But many times when this problem starts affecting our lifestyle again. So it is called anxiety relapse symptoms. In this situation, the mental health of the person is not under his control.

To know about this, we talked to Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, Senior Psychiatrist and Founder of Manasthali, who gave specific information about this.

Know what is anxiety relapse?

Anxiety disorder relapse most often occurs while treating anxiety disorder and panic attacks. This problem can happen during recovery or even after many years. Many reasons can be responsible behind this disorder. But it can be considered a natural process, because we cannot consider only one reason as the reason.

What could be the possible reasons for the return of anxiety?

1. You’re Overburdened

If you have been putting weight on yourself for a long time, then it can have a direct effect on your mental health. It can also cause anxiety relapse. That’s why keep your work schedule balanced beforehand.

2. Not getting enough sleep

If you are careless with your sleep. So it can affect your mental health along with your physical health. Incomplete sleep is the main reason for increasing the symptoms of anxiety.

3. You didn’t understand the reason properly

You should be aware of its symptoms from the beginning Attention is needed. If you ignore its symptoms. So its again going to affect the mental state.

4. You Can’t Set Your Boundaries

Not having a balance between your work and personal life can put you in trouble. This will only increase your stress and you will start feeling angry, irritable.

How can we detect its symptoms? ((Anxiety relapse symptoms)

sleeping patterns
Such people do not have any control over their sleep pattern at all. Picture; adobe stock

change in sleeping habits

If there is a change in your sleep pattern for a long time, then you may suffer from it. In this problem, you will either get too much or too little sleep. Such people have absolutely no control over their sleep patterns.

Change in Eating Habits

According to psychiatrist Jyoti, there is a rapid change in the eating habits of people suffering from anxiety disorder relapse. Along with having problems eating, there may be problems like loss of appetite or sudden increase in appetite.

escape the treatment plane

In people who suffer from anxiety disorder relapse, habits like avoiding the treatment plane are especially seen.

mood swings

The problem of anxiety relapse is related to mental health, so there is a change in the mood of the person. This causes problems like stress, anger and irritability to the person.

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How to overcome or avoid this disorder?

get enough rest

Often people who make a habit of taking overtime or breaks from work. They start having symptoms of anxiety relapse. If a person is suffering from this problem then he should take adequate rest. So that his mental health also gets relief.

set your limits

You have to set your limits by creating a balance between your time and commitments. This will help you to come out of this problem.

Try to express your feelings and needs. Image-Shutterstock.

express your feelings freely

According to Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, a person suffering from this problem should try to express his feelings and needs. Otherwise, there may be trouble due to not talking openly.

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