“Bad guy, bad guy!”: Fuslie hilariously mistakes Shroud for enemy during Escape from Tarkov match

Leslie “Fuslie” Fu hilariously mistook Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek for an enemy when the two were playing Escape from Tarkov during a recent live stream.

Fuslie was in the middle of an escape from Tarkov raid and was playing alongside multiple content creators. This included Shroud, Hannah “Bnans” Kennedy, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter and Thomas “Sykkuno.”

The group of friends were running around together during an Escape from Tarkov raid when confusion seemed to ensu. Fuslie ended up mistaking Shroud for an enemy when Sykkuno claimed that they were under attack.

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Fuslie mistakes Shroud for enemy player during Escape from Tarkov raid; Valkyrae, Sykkuno and Bnans react

The likes of Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Bnans, Shroud and Fuslie were playing Escape from Tarkov together. Shroud is one of the most-skilled among the creators that were involved and therefore was in charge of leading the group. The four creators were running around together when they were shot at from a distance.

Leslie immediately appeared to panic as Sykkuno claimed that it wasn’t him who was shooting. Sykkuno agreed with Fuslie and claimed that they were under attack from an opposing team. Shroud appeared confident that there were no enemies near the group and continued with his instructions.

Leslie suddenly found herself standing in front of Shroud. However, the streamer was sure that she was looking at an enemy player. Interestingly, Fuslie did not attack Shroud, despite being sure that he was an enemy player:

“Aah, bad guy. Bad guy, bad guy, I can tell. I think bad guy. Are you bad guy. Ohh, this person.”

Shroud was obviously confused, but quickly realized that Fuslie was looking straight at him. He eventually calmed her doubts and told her that she had simply mistaken him for an enemy. The group burst into laughter as Fuslie claimed that Shroud was very lucky.

Shroud simply continued leading the group and asked Fuslie to follow him. He taught her how to jump over a wall. The streamer immediately realized that Fuslie had simply mistaken him for an enemy. The four friends continued with the entertaining live stream.

Fuslie failed to jump over the wall despite Shroud’s instructions. She asked the group to leave her behind after failing twice. Ultimately, Shroud simply decided to lead the creators from an alternate route.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider


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