COD Mobile Season 11 brings back DLQ Holidays with a discount and launches Legendary PKM

COD Mobile Season 11 ‘Final Snow’ is celebrating the holiday season in the game, and players can explore all the winter-themed content that has been added. A brand new Battle Pass with 50 tiers of exclusive content is also available for players to unlock. Premium pass owners will unlock four exclusive operator skins and five epic weapon blueprints.

Along with other content, new themed lucky draws have also made their way into the game. DL Q33 Holidays and AK117 Holidays are back in the game, and COD Mobile players who previously did not get a chance to unlock the weapons can do so on a special offer. Aside from DL Q33 Holidays, a legendary version of the new weapon, PKM is also in the game. Crueltide Draw is live in the game, and players can unlock the legendary PKM – Red Nose Revenge in exchange for COD Points.

All items in the Crueltide Draw in COD Mobile Season 11

Crueltide Draw is out in the game today, and COD Mobile players can try their luck to purchase the latest legendary PKM – Red Nose Revenge. The base version of the PKM can be unlocked from the Battle Pass in tier 21 for free.

The gift that keeps on giving. Get Reaper – Naughty List and the LEGENDARY PKM – Red Nose Revenge with the discounted Crueltide Draw!👍It’s all a part of the #CODMobile 12 Festive Days of Deals!

Below are all the items players can purchase from the Crueltide Draw in COD Mobile:

  • Snowboard – Festive Frenzy
  • Frag Grenade – Festive Frenzy
  • Charm – Surprise
  • Knife – Candy Stabber
  • Emote- Holiday Spirit
  • ICR-1 – Festive Frenzy
  • Calling Card- Down the Chimney
  • Clown – Sleigh Leader
  • Reaper- Naughty List
  • PKM- Red Nose Revenge

The Holiday Redux draw is also available, and players can unlock the DL Q33 Holiday is a 10% discounted price. Below are all the items players can purchase from this redux draw:

  • Charm – Festive
  • Emote- Build a Snowman
  • ORV – Holidays
  • Frag Grenade – Snowman
  • AGR. 556- Tree Trooper
  • MW11- Holidays
  • Parachute – Holidays
  • Grinch- Wreath Havoc
  • AK117- Holidays
  • DL Q33- Holidays

The Redux draw is part of the ’12 Day 12 Deals’ event and is available for a limited time in the COD Mobile. However, the Crueltide Draw will be available until the end of the season,


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