Cold drink is having a bad effect on ‘fertility’, it is affecting boys in this way

Cold Drink Side Effects: Nowadays there is no party without cold drinks. Be it a wedding function or a job opening party, cold drinks are the pride of every function and event. However, now a scary study has come to the fore. In this study, it has been claimed that the testicle size of men who drink cold drinks and Pepsi can increase. Chinese researchers have found that cold drinks can increase testosterone levels. Researchers did this study on male rats, in which it was revealed that the consumption of these drinks increased the size of their genitals. That is, if men consume more cold drinks, then this problem can also arise in them.

According to the study, such drinks work to have a negative effect on the level of testosterone. Experts also said that drinking cold drinks and pop drinks like Pepsi can also increase the risk of many dangerous diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer in people. Apart from this, there is also a bad effect on the fertility of women. A previous study found that these drinks shrank female ovaries in rats.

This new research has been published in ‘Journal Acta Endocrinol’. During this research, the effects of two fizzy drinks were tested on more than 100 rats for 15 days. Some rats were given a cold drink in the cage, while the rest of the rats were kept with Pepsi. It was revealed in this research that the testicles of rats drinking cold drinks and Pepsi had increased a lot. Whereas the rats that were given pure cold drink and Pepsi also had higher levels of testosterone. This study suggests that excessive consumption of Pepsi or cold drinks can increase testicle size. Moreover, the level of testosterone can also be affected.

In a separate study, it has also been found that the average length of men’s penis has increased by 25 percent in the last 30 years. Analysis by American experts shows that from 1992 to 2021, penis length has jumped from 4.8 inches to 6 inches straight. The Stanford University team said that the increase in the size of men’s penis can be the result of poor diet and lifestyle as well as chemicals. All these factors can also have a bad effect on fertility.

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