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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Corruption until the end of the war;

Baj has won about 70 years,
But coming to the 40th year of his life, he has to make an important decision.

At that stage, three major organs of his body begin to be neutralized-

1. The paws become long and flexible;
Unable to catch hold on the hunt

2. The beak turns to the front and starts to interfere with food intake.

3. Feathers become heavy, and due to adhesive to the chest, they do not open completely, limiting the flights.

Find food, catch food
And eating food ….
All three processes start losing their torso.

He has only three choices left,
Either sacrifice the body,
Or leave your tendency to live on a tired food like a vulture …
or else
Restore yourself,
As the unarmed monk of the sky.

Where the first two options are simple and quick,
The third is very painful and prolonged.

Wolf chooses pain
And restores itself

He goes to a high mountain,
Solitaire makes its nest in,
And then the whole process starts.

At first he breaks his beak and kills it ..!
Nothing more painful than breaking your beak
Then he waits
The beak’s re-emergence

After that, he breaks his claws in the same way and waits for the paws to come back again.
After new beak and claws
He removes his heavy feathers one by one and waiting for the wings to rise again.

150 days of pain and waiting …
And then he gets the same grand and high flying, like the new ones.

After this restoration, he has won 30 years and,
With energy, respect and dignity.

Nature is sitting to teach us-
The claws are symbols of grip,
Beak activation and
Feathers establish imagination.

The desire to maintain control over the circumstances,
Activism to preserve the dignity of its existence,
Imagine keeping some newness in life

Desire, activism and imagination …
The three of them all start getting weak. We also came to Forty Forty.

Our personality starts loosened,
Life itself in half life
It seems like a dead end,
Enthusiasm, aspiration, energy ….
Falling down.

We also have many options-
Something simple and quick.
Something painful … !!

We also have the obligations of our lives
Ability to abandon and show control
Like the hawk claws

We must also give up energy-conscious activism by abandoning the curve mentality that causes idleness-
“Like the beak of the eagle.”

We have also been stuck in the past.
Discarding heaviness and filling the imagination will fill up –
“Like the wings of the hawk.”

150 days is not right, then spend only one month, in restoring yourself.
That which is affixed to the body and mind, it will be painful to break and to break it,
Baj will be ready to fly the flights,
Flights this time
It will be high,
Will be infinitely ….!

● Corruption until the end of the war;


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