Does the delivery become normal by wiping in the eighth month? Listen what a gynecologist says on the advice of the neighbor’s aunt

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Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in life for any woman. When she gives birth to a new life from her womb. During this time everyone in the family is waiting for the arrival of the little guest. When what he should eat and what he should not eat, special care is taken of everything. But many people try to link these precautions with old beliefs. While they have no practical basis.

One such belief is that eating more than hunger during pregnancy is beneficial for the child. We spoke to know the truth about this pregnancy myth Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Bijnor Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Who spoke openly about these myths related to pregnancy.

Let us know about some such special myths –

1. After the first delivery C section, the second delivery is also done by operation only!

According to gynecologist Dr. Neeraj, how the delivery will be depends on the reason for which the previous operation was done.

If the size of the pelvis of the woman is small, then in such a situation only the operation will be done. But if the reason for the previous operation was an emergency and everything is normal during the second child, then the operation will not be required.

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Taking more food will cause problems at the time of delivery. Image: shutterstock

2. Eating more than hunger during pregnancy is beneficial for the child!

Many people often believe that eating is more important than hunger during pregnancy. Rejecting this myth, gynecologist Dr. Neeraj said that it is important to have a healthy diet rather than overeating during pregnancy. Instead of eating at one go, eat four to five times a day. So that the food can be digested properly and nourish the body.

3. From the seventh month of pregnancy one should sit and mop, it makes delivery easy!

Talking about this myth, expert Neeraj says that the concepts like wiping while sitting during pregnancy are absolutely wrong. Because after the eighth month, the baby’s head starts coming into the pelvis. In such a situation, the risk of the child’s neck becoming crooked increases when the pelvis is stressed.

Exercise can be beneficial for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. , Image shutterstock.

4. Exercise should not be done during pregnancy!

Dr. Neeraj says that exercise can be beneficial for healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. But during this, instead of hard workouts, light exercise or yoga should be tried. For this, you can also try walk and anulom vilom pranayama. Which will help in maintaining movement in the body.

Some special tips of Dr. Neeraj Sharma for healthy pregnancy and safe delivery

  • You should avoid the consumption of caffeine, soft drinks and alcohol. Because all these things are considered harmful for children.
  • During this, bending and lifting weights should be avoided. Because lifting weights will have a direct effect on the vagina, which may cause pain or other problems.
  • Traveling should not be done at all during the first three months and the last two months of pregnancy. Because in the beginning the fetus would not have adjusted. In such a situation, even a little pressure can cause problems.
  • Take special care of diet, drink enough water throughout the day. Also include Vitamin C and D in your diet.
  • Wear only comfortable clothes during pregnancy, because during this time all the body parts are developing.
  • Do not eat raw foods after delivery, instead eat boiled food. So that there is no risk of infection.

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