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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Hometip's and tricksEssay on Parents Day 2022 - Essay on Parents Day in Hindi

Essay on Parents Day 2022 – Essay on Parents Day in Hindi

Parents Day Essay in Hindi: Parents Day is a day dedicated to parents. On this day, programs are organized in schools etc. to make people aware of the love and dedication of parents. Here we have come up with essay on parents day which you can use for speech and essay in your school, college on the occasion of parents day. Essay on Parents Day 2022 in Hindi.

Parents day essay in hindi


Our parents play the most important role in our life. He is more than God to us because our parents give up their happiness for us.

We should always respect these personalities like God. Parents’ Day is celebrated to honor the parents and to inculcate the feeling of love towards them.

With the help of the Best Essay on Parents Day given here, you can also make people aware of parents.


Essay on Parents Day 2022 – Essay on Parents Day in Hindi

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Parents Day Essay 2022

Parents’ Day is celebrated on different dates around the world. National Parents Day is celebrated in the fourth week of July. This year Parents Day will be celebrated on 24 July 2022.

First, National Parents Day was celebrated in South Korea on 8 May 1973. After that, Parents’ Day officially started in the US in 1994.


The purpose of celebrating Parents Day is to create awareness about the love and dedication of parents and to inculcate the feeling of love towards parents.

On this day parents are honored and thanked for their sacrifices and sacrifices. Children give gifts to their parents.

On the day of parents, everyone tries to make their parents feel special.


Essay on Parents Day in Hindi

Parents are given a higher status than God because parents give up their desires and needs for the happiness of their children.

God gives us both happiness and sorrow but our parents live only for our happiness. That is why parents are given the status of God.

The love of parents is more precious to us than everything else in the world. We spend life without parents, we do not live.


We have no teacher greater than our parents. Even when we get spread in life, our parents stand by us.

Whatever we are today is because of our parents.

If your parents are old and you think that they are of no use now, then ask the cost of parents to those who do not have the shadow of their parents on their heads.


Whether you win the whole world, if your parents are not happy with you, you will lose even after winning 100 times. So always keep respect in your heart for your parents.

Make a promise to yourself on this Parent’s Day, just as you used to walk holding your parents’ fingers in your childhood, in the same way you will also become your parents’ stick in old age.

Parents are one of the most beautiful and precious creations from God for us. If you lose them, you will not be in yourself.


Just as the occasion of Parents’ Day is said to inculcate love for parents in the hearts of people all over the world, in the same way we request you that, Always keep your parents happy.


So friends, in this article we have presented essay on Parents Day for you. We hope that, you will like these parents’ day essay and at the same time, you will inculcate a feeling of love towards your parents in your heart.

Apart from these, if you want, you can read poetry to awaken love for parents.


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