Eyes are tired of watching favorite web series on weekends, so give relief with these 5 home remedies

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Busy lifestyle and the race to move forward has taken the biggest toll on health. Working on the screen for a long time under work pressure causes eye pain. Along with this, problems like heaviness in the eyes, severe pain and extreme tiredness also start to occur. Now it is difficult to reduce the stress of work, but by following some easy tips, we can get relief from this problem. Today in this article of Health Shots, we will tell you 5 such tips, through which you can get immediate relief from the problem of eye pain.

By following these 5 tips, get quick relief from the problem of eye pain –

use cucumber

The use of cucumber can prove beneficial in the problem of eye pain. For this, you have to keep the cucumber slices on both the eyes and keep them closed for 15 minutes, this will give you immediate relief.

In the research of PubMed Central, cucumber juice has been considered effective in swelling, blackness and pain of the eyes. The cooling effect of cucumber will help in keeping the eyes refreshed and relaxed. Cucumber also contains a good amount of folic acid and vitamin-C. Both these elements fight with the toxins of the environment along with the growth of new cells. It reduces puffiness and tiredness of the eyes

potato benefits for eyestrain
Potato juice can also be used for massaging the eyes. Image: shutterstock

Potato will give quick relief

Like cucumber, potato has also been considered effective for eye pain. Keep potato slices on the eyes and rest for 10 to 15 minutes, this can give quick relief from eye pain. Apart from this, you can also use potato juice for massaging the eyes.

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get relief from rose water

The use of rose water has been considered the best for eye problems. Add 2 to 3 drops of natural rose water and close your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. It is more beneficial to do this treatment at night while sleeping. This may cause a burning sensation in the eyes, but this recipe helps in clearing the dirt from the eyes along with relieving the pain.

According to the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Science, rose water can prove to be effective when there is burning or pain in the eyes.

hot water bath

Warm water compress can give quick relief in the problem of eye pain. For this, you have to add salt to the water and heat it fast. Now soak a cotton cloth in it and apply it on the eyes for 3 to 4 times. By doing this, the swelling of the eyes will also reduce.

tulsi for eye strain
This treatment can prove beneficial in eye pain as well as other problems. images shutterstock

tulsi leaves treatment

This treatment can prove beneficial in eye pain as well as other problems. For this, you have to keep some basil leaves soaked in water at night. Next morning wash your eyes with this water. This will give quick relief in infection, swelling in the eyes.

In another research of the National Institute of Health, it was revealed that the compounds found in Tulsi help to eliminate infection and also give relief in stress. Apart from this, along with vitamin-A and vitamin-C, good amounts of calcium, zinc and iron are also found in Tulsi. All these essential elements are necessary for health as well as for eyesight.

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