FUD: Know what is female urination device, which gives women the facility to urinate in every situation

Women can also pee while standing like men Yes, you read that right! It may sound a bit strange, but it is true that many devices are now available in the market, giving women the freedom to urinate while standing. Today we will talk about one such device, which gives you the freedom to urinate standing anywhere comfortably.

Many women are allergic to urinating in public toilets, many elderly women have difficulty in going to the toilet, many times during pregnancy, women have difficulty in sitting, women do not get a place for the toilet when they go trekking, You can use the female urination device when stuck in traffic, on a train, on a flight, and many other situations.

What is Portable Female Urination Device

A female urination device is a cone-shaped device made of silicone, polyurethane, or plastic. Women can urinate standing comfortably by applying it in their vagina. This kit is also beneficial for elderly women who cannot walk or who have difficulty in sitting on the toilet. This outdoor portable female urination kit is flexible due to which it can be folded comfortably. They are also travel friendly which you can easily carry in your bag.

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it is of two types

Disposable FUDs

These are usually a durable paper or cardboard that you can throw away after use. You can easily carry them in your car or purse. If you are using FUD for the first time, try the disposable FUD so that you understand how it works.

Non-Disposable FUDs

These are usually made of plastic or latex. You can use them over and over again. You can clean it with soap and water and use sanitary wipes. People who do mostly trekking or outdoor activities or for the elderly can use non-disposable FUDs.

We talked to know about its use From Dr. Pooja Divan, Gynecologist and Test Tube Baby Specialist, Apollo Delhi and Director, Arkady Women Health Care & Fertility.

He said that “the female urination device is a very safe method that can be used by any woman comfortably. For this, we do not need to take any special precautions for this.

According to Pooja Divan, “There are two types of disposable and reusable. Reusable devices are made of polyurethane or plastic that you can easily wash or sterilize and use again.”

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This device helps a lot to bed-ridden elders. Image: Adobe Stock

Advantages of Portable Female Urination Kit

How is it beneficial for the elderly

This device helps a lot to the elderly women who are old and cannot walk or are bedridden. Some elderly women are such that they reach the toilet, but there is difficulty in sitting and getting up repeatedly in the toilet. With the help of this device, they will not have to sit again and again, many times the elderly need to be held and taken to the toilet. In such a situation, if she is alone at home, then she will have difficulty in going to the toilet alone, at that time this device can be useful for those elderly women, that wherever she is, with the help of this device, she can stand and drink any bottle or any Can urinate comfortably in anything else.
If an elderly woman who has had an operation finds it difficult to get up from the bed, then she can use this device in this situation.

Prevents infections from dirty toilets

Female urination devices can save you from dirty toilet seats. There will be no problem in urinating while standing with this type of disposal device. If you are a working woman and you do not like to use office toilet which is used by many people then in such situation you can use this device.

If you are out somewhere and you are allergic to using public toilet or you are unhygienic then you can use this kit.

Very helpful for travelers

While traveling, women cannot urinate anywhere behind a tree or in a corner like men, or if you have to stay overnight during camping and do not want to go out in the dark, then a disposable urination device is absolutely for you. is the right thing.

easy and convenient

It is very easy to carry these female urination device in handbag. This allows you to pass urine without the embarrassment of having to sit anywhere or pull down your pants. It is very easy to clean and carry both.

How To Choose Female Urination Device

You will find this kit at any online store or chemist shop from where you can buy it easily. You will find many models of FUD, but you have to check according to yourself which model is best for you. You will need to see for what purpose you want to take it. Traveling, for the elderly, disposable, according to this, you can also choose their model.

how to use

To use the FUD, all you need to do is unzip your pants, and push your underwear to the side. After this, you hold the FUD by sealing it tightly on the vagina, so that there is no leakage. Then you can start urinating. Control your flow so you don’t overflow the funnel of the device. After use, you can easily wash it with water or clean it with a paper.

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