How healthy is star fruit according to nutrition, know everything from benefits to methods of eating

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In childhood, whenever I wanted to eat something spicy and sour, I used to be satisfied by eating star fruit. Lightly pungent in taste, after applying star fruit spice, it became even more spicy. Is it wrong to eat spicy food? Not at all. Actually kamarkha is such a fruit, whose sourness helps us in providing many nutrients. Let us know everything about the health benefits of star fruit, which is included in the count of citrus fruits.

Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan says that by eating star fruit full of nutritional properties, you get about 50 percent of a day’s vitamin C. Which also proves helpful in making collagen. Consumption of kamarkha is beneficial in cold weather. It plays an important role in keeping skin, hair and nails healthy and strong.

star fruit mei paushtik tatv paaye jaate hain
By eating star fruit full of nutritional properties, you get about 50 percent of a day’s vitamin C. images adobe stock

what is star fruit

After ripening, the star fruit becomes a waxy yellow fruit, which is sour and pungent in taste it happens. When cut into slices, its shape looks like a star. This fruit grown in Sri Lanka is also called as Carambola and Amaras. This juicy fruit is a fruit found throughout the year in India. The smaller star fruits are more pungent and full of sourness than the larger ones.

Know the nutritional status of star fruit

Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO & Founder, iThrive, says that star fruit, which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, is low in calories. Apart from this, this fruit also Contains many nutrients Huh. Eating it provides protein, sodium, potassium, magnesium and fiber. Which also works to strengthen our immunity.

If statistics are to be believed, women should consume around 25 grams of fiber a day. This goal of theirs can be accomplished by consuming star fruit. 2.8 grams of fiber is found in 100 grams of kamarkha. On the other hand, 2-3 grams of fiber is found in other citrus fruits. The digestive system remains healthy by consuming fiber.

Immune system will be strong

By eating star fruit, the body gets maximum vitamin C. By consuming kamarkha, white blood cells are automatically produced in the body. This makes the body’s immunity strong.

Respiratory system will improve

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, star fruit provides relief from sore throat and pain. Actually, kamarkha juice prevents phlegm and mucus produced in the throat.

star fruit is healthy
Star fruit is one such fruit which can prove to be helpful in reducing weight as well as curing heart disease. picture shutter stock

Takes care of heart health

Sodium and potassium are found in abundance in star fruit. Which work as electrolytes in the body. This keeps the blood pressure regular. This keeps the heartbeat smooth and the blood flow in the body remains healthy. The calcium present in star fruit helps in reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Digestive System

present in star fruit Fiber strengthens the digestive system Is. It also provides relief from the symptoms of constipation, bloating, pain and diarrhoea.

how to eat star fruit

Usually the color of Kamarkha is orange and light green. Let it cook till it turns yellow and then consume it. Its real taste can be tasted only after it is fully cooked.

First wash it and cut a little from both sides. There is no need to peel this fruit. You can easily cut it into small slices and serve.

You can also drink star fruit drink. For this, mix kamarkha juice with pine apple juice and add one spoon of lemon juice to it. This juice is good for taste as well as for health.

You can also eat star fruit as a salad. Apart from this, you can make the chutney a part of your meal.

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