How to create High Quality Backlink? | Best 8 effective ways

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Want to get better result from search engine. So how do you make high quality backlinks today? I will guide this related Friends works on an algorithm to give google ranking. All the factors are saved in that algorithm. You might not know. However, google itself has officially stated. That “backlinks” is one of their top ranking factors.

How to create backlinks? - How to make backlinks in Hindi
How to create backlinks? – How to make backlinks in Hindi

Friends, there is so much competition on the internet today. But always remember. The one who is at the top will get all the benefits. Whether it is traffic, adsense earnings or affiliate marketing. Who has organic traffic. He will get all the benefits which is at the highest position. And I assume that you must have had so much experience in blogging. What is SEO for you? All the necessary information would have been known about it. But today we are going to cover the most important topic of search engine optimization. Those are backlinks.
Always remember, if there is a lot of competition in your focus keyword. So without backlinks you cannot crack the first page of google.

How to create backlinks? – How to make backlinks in Hindi

Do you have backlinks before proceeding? It is very important to know. Only then you will understand the importance of today’s article. Leave it, you can read it now if you want. I currently give the overall idea here.
Backlinks are a hyper link only. I mean to say That the URL of one web page should be present on another website. Which a visitor can click on a page and go to another page. It is called backlink only.
If you do not understand yet, I will give an example. Suppose a link to your blog post has been added to my post. And then one of my visitor reaches your blog by clicking on that link. So a person loads another website by following the link or URL of a webpage. So these links are called backlink only.

# 1. Comment on other site –

The easiest and best way to make backlinks. Commenting on that other site. In this, you do not need to do anything. All you have to do is place your name and the accompanying URL in the comment section. When the moderator of that blog approve your comment. So you will easily gain a backlink.
However, we get a no-follow link from blog commenting. But if you do a little research on the internet, then you also find such a site. Which provides a do-follow link. This thing is also true. If we create links from high authority sites. So the no-follow link also gives a lot of benefits.

#2. Guest Post –

This method is also very useful. Suppose it takes a little hard work. But the backlink that you get from this method. She is very safe and economical. I think you would not know about guest post. So I will first explain to you about it. So see, writing a post for a popular blog and contacting the owner of that blog and submitting the article we wrote to him. This is called guest post.
Now that owner will publish that post on his blog. He will get a post for free and he will instead mention the URL of your site in that post. Which will give you a high quality backlink. In this way you receive a link from a web page. Which in addition to other method gives very good result.
But always keep one thing in mind. Before submitting a guest post on any blog, choose a similar blog. Whose domain authority is more. Also, the topic of that website should be similar to yours.

# 3. Web 2.0 Links –

These are such links. Which we can make with our arms. Web 2.0 is also known as CMS. This is such a platform. On which a website can be made by creating an account for free.
You must have heard about platforms like blogger, wordpress and tumbler. We have to build a website for free on this. You will have to linking your main site through it by publishing some posts in it. This is called Web 2.0 Links.

# 4. Join Forums –

There are double benefits of joining a forum. In this, you will get a lot of traffic along with high quality backlink. A forum is a platform. Where people ask their questions and other people answer.
You must have known the names of big forums like Quora and yahoo answer. So simply create an account on it. If someone asks a question related to your niche. So along with your answer, place the URL of the site as well.

# 5. YouTube –

YouTube is a huge platform. Whose domain and page authority are also high. Above all, it is very easy to create a backlink from YouTube. You must first create a YouTube channel from that account. The email id from which your blog must be submitted to google webmaster tool. Then there is the option of Associate website in the setting section of the channel. You can add your URL there.
How to create Do-follow backlinks from YouTube?
If you also upload videos on every post. If you add a link to the description, backlinks can be found. But keep in mind that the link made in the description box will be no-follow.

# 6. Directory submission

In this method, we have to create an account on popular web directories site. Then you have to submit a link to your site or article. Then they list the platforms submitted URLs on the basis of category and subcategory. Which gives us a high quality and do follow link.
You can submit your blog on the sites given below. This is high authority web directories.
  1. reditt.comd
  2. moz.orgs

# 7. Social media –

Social media is that way. On which people are active in lakhs of people. Along with social media traffic, backlink can also be found. First of all, you have to create an account on social sites for your brand page. Then after that whenever a new post is published. Then, on a platform like facebook and twitter, you will have to leave a link to that post.
Of course, no-follow link is also available from social media. But due to the high authority of these websites, there is benefit. Secondly, our new post gets indexed very quickly with social media sharing.
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# 8. Write a unique content –

I would like to say the last to you. Let’s always focus on writing a quality content. It has two benefits. One if the quality of your content is so good. Where do some people come from? And reading that article very diligently. Then google gets this message. That there is some helpful information in this content. Then he would consider it to be in the top position. Then slowly google will bring that result up.
The second benefit is this. If a blogger notices your content. He also liked your content. So from now on, that blogger will link that article in his site. And will provide you a high quality backlink.

Conclusion –

 So, friends, how did we create backlink in today’s article like this? Have read about it. I hope you liked this article very much. Still have some questions. So comment below and ask.

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