How To Disable Login With Email In WordPress

How To Disable Login With Email In WordPress

WordPress Me Email Se Login Disable Kaise Kare [2 Mthods]

How To Disable Login With Email In WordPress

WordPress Me Email Se Login Disable Kaise Kare [2 Mthods]


Hello friends, Today we are going to talk about how to disable login from email in wordpress site? This has a great effect on the security of our site.

Therefore, in this post you will be giving full information about it. If you are a wordpress user, then read the full post.

Most people like to make blogs in wordpress in today’s time. Because it is easier to manage WordPress blogs.

Its the best feature plugin. By which any man can easily manage his blog without any technical knowledge.

If you have some very technical knowledge then wordpress will be very easy for you.

If we talk about another platform then it is very easy to create a blog but you have to be aware of the coding to customize and manage the blog. If you create self hosted blogs in wordpress then initially there may be a lot of trouble but after the blog is created you will find it very easy. After that you will be able to do any work in this plugin easily.

Today most people choose wordpress in the beginning. At that time, they do not have a technical knowledge with them, which results in some types of errors in their site or hacked site after some time.

I believe that wordpress is a very good popular platform but it is also true that in terms of security it is far behind. Every year, millions of such sites are hacked in wordpress. If you are a beginner then this thing will not be understood quickly but after some time you will know.

A lot of people always live in tension with WordPress security. Because no one works hard at night working hard on their site, but hacking is something that ruins the hard work of years in a cauldron. That’s why all you need to be careful about your security.

In this post we are going to talk about how to disable login by email in wordpress. By default, you can also login to the wordpress by entering email instead of the username.

Today we are going to tell you about it to be disabled.

Login to Email in WordPress Why Disable?

Basically, our email is known to everyone or anyone can easily find out and then he can login to our site by gaming the password.

This has a great effect on the security of our site. But finding someone to find our username becomes a bit difficult. The security of our site multiplied if our username is strong and login is enabled by email.

This will save your site from the brute force attack. If you are concerned about the safety of your site, then you should disable the login function from email in your site. Now let me tell you about it right now.

How to Disable Login via Email in WordPress?

Now let me tell you two ways below, so you can disable login with email in your wordpress blog. One way is by plugin and second by adding code in functions.php. If you are a beginner then you will be asked to follow the plugin with the plugin.

1: Disable Login with Email with Plugin

This method is very simple. You have nothing to do in this. For this, first activate the plugin by installing No Plugin by Email Address.

enough! Now you do not even need to configure this plugin. It has already been configured in Now if someone logs in with an email and password in your site then invalid username will be wrong. You can also see it.

2: Disable Login by Email without Plugin [Manually]

If you do not like to use more plugin then you can follow this method. But before that you will have to give an important point that those who have a lot of knowledge about coding should follow it. Take a backup of your blog before following the follow-up process.

For this you have to login to your blog and open the functions.

php after going to WP Dashboard >> Appearance >> Editor. It has to add the following code to it.

remove_filter (‘authenticate’, ‘wp_authenticate_email_password’, 20);

Now save it now.
Now! Your blog will not be able to login from email. Now your blog is more secure than ever.

Now you have to make a good username change. With this, your blog will be quite secure from brute force like hacker attack.
I hope these posts will have been helpful.

Comment about this if you have any questions. If you want to read good posts like this then subscribe to our blog.

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