How to listen to online radios from mobile.|How to listen radio stations online in hindi


How to listen to online radios from mobile. How to listen radio stations online in hindi

Online Radio Kaise Sune

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There was a time when we used to be connected to the radio all the time, but today television and smartphones have reached the distance because of the radius. To get back to the radio world, listen to online radiocases, we will learn about it here.

One of the most beloved sources of entertainment of time, radio has started to disappear from the people’s houses with the technological revolution or say that it has almost disappeared.

The main reason behind the decline of radio circulation is the presence of TV and mobile. Even though the radio is getting away from the homes, but listening to the radio itself has a different swag.

To say the radio app is still present in our mobile phone, but there is a problem with the availability of all the stations, connectivity problems. For these reasons, we can not enjoy all the stations like that old radio, where we enjoyed news, sports and other programs very much.

To tell the truth, listening to the radio for me today is also a hobby. Papa and Tauji used to listen to the radio from the beginning but today the radio and the smartphone have become less listening to the radio. Even then there are four or five radio stations of different companies in the house, one or two of which are still working.

Today we will know how we can listen online FM radio with the help of mobile? Let’s know …

By the way, radio can be heard online in two ways. One is through a mobile app and the other is through online websites. Here we will learn about how to listen to the radio with the help of websites.

Here I am telling you about three such websites that tell you the radio online. You can listen to your favorite radio programs and radio stations by visiting these websites.


There are so many radio stations on this website where you can listen to your favorite radio programs and programs.

Here you also get the option of choosing radio stations on the basis of your language. Apart from this, you can listen to radio stations on the basis of frequencies.

Here are the names of some of the major radio stations present on this website. Apart from these radio stations there are many more radio stations that you can tune on this website.

  • Radio Mirchi 
  • Red FM
  •  Radio city 
  • BBC Hindi 
  • Sunrise radio 
  • Radio Sharda Radio 
  • Radio YSR Radio

This is some major radio station which is present on this website. Apart from this, many more radio stations are available on this website, which you can select on your language, frequency and mood.


You will find all the radio stations in India on this website. Here you will also find radio stations in Hindi, English and regional languages.

Here you find Regional Radio stations in addition to all major radio stations like Radio India, Vishal Bharti, Sports Flash, BBC etc., which you can easily listen online and tune from one radio station to another radio station.


This online radio listening website is better than the websites mentioned above, because here you see all the radio stations with many different options.

Here you can select your favorite radio station based on your language, mood, state and individual frequency.

Here you get an option called Best live radio stations where you can listen to India’s top radio station online.

Apart from this, you can see different language categories such as hindi, english, tamil, telugu, malayalam from where you can listen to your favorite language radio station.

By visiting these websites, you can do any other work in your mobile phone by tuning the radio station online such as WhatsApp Chat, Facebook etc. These radio stations keep going in the background until you manually close them.

Hope you guys liked this post in which we learned how to listen to online radio with the help of mobile.


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