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what is that party people my name is Abhishek tiwari and today I’m gonna teach you all how to make a really nice forum with WordPress now if you guys are new here go ahead and click on that subscribe button also there’s little Bell next to it if you click on that bell it’ll notify you when I upload a new video .

 you will not regret it now let me just give you guys an example of what this forum looks like and show you guys the features and everything else now I like this forum because it has like those really cool like achievements for people you know like when people are on forums and gives like those achievements and stuff it actually has that embedded inside this forum and this is a free plugin so you won’t have to pay a dollar for it now this forum also works or the plugin also works for virtually any theme so it doesn’t matter what theme you’re using you can be using Divi you can be using flats um anything that you want and it will work so for example let’s say we have like these main categories so here we have like the the main topic like the main kind of like subject and then here we have different subtopics so like best WordPress themes WordPress topics now your users can go ahead and click on it and then here you can display a list of topics and then right here I’ll say okay

what is WordPress and then WordPress is a source to create stuff okay cool and then here I can go ahead and leave a reply and you have all these gadgets right here where people can you know add different stuff now one thing I loved about this forum thing is that it shows like user stats so right here it shows all the stats for each member also it has like the the achievements so by their name it shows like if they’ve done a lot of cool stuff it’ll say like oh he’s level 2 level 3 people loved that stuff you know they really loved it so today I’m gonna show you how you can set this up for your website you guys can also change this color scheme as well on this form so I just chose like a dark form but you can have the full options to change any color or however you want to style it okay so I’m gonna go to another website with nothing installed on it now this is the Divi theme here I’m gonna go to my other demo websites and I’m going to install this plug-in from scratch on this theme this theme right here is called the bright theme it works for Elementor if you guys want to look at it there’s a link in the description below to that’s but again you guys can use anything you want so here I’m gonna go to plugins and go to add new now about a year ago I had a tutorial on beebee press and buddy press but guys since that’s happened you know a lot of people watch their competitors and they kind of build and improve upon products so we’re gonna be using actually you can just type it in so forum and we will be using this one right here WP for forum we’re going to install that I found that this one was really good as Garros forum was not bad but after kind of tinkering around with it I realized as WP 4 is a little little more customizable and it’s really simple to make a forum before it was a little hard with BB press I’m not gonna lie or yeah buddy press or be press you know they used to be the same plug-in a long time ago then they split them up for some reason so basically I installed that plug-in now on the left side right here you’re going to see forums sorry guys I have a lot of plugins installed on this one right here alright so we have this page right here alright now we have different settings like forum settings tools moderation I’m gonna go through each and every one of these to make sure that you guys understand what they are so you guys will not have to leave any comments I’m just kidding I don’t mind the comments guys I really don’t you know so ok this is like the main category so like what is this all about and again you can edit this to say whatever you want so main category let’s call this something like WordPress discussion alright I’m going to publish it now one thing I want that you guys know when you publish it it doesn’t give you like that updates okay so don’t keep clicking on publish it works ok so don’t panic if you’re like oh my god it’s not working ok it works it works so let’s click on forms again and we have main form now this is the default settings we’re gonna go and make our own but I just want to give you guys a small understanding of it so let’s just say I want to change this something like plugins right WordPress plugins WordPress plugins and then I’m gonna click on update that’s and remember on the right side right here it says parent form of now there’s an easier way to change this and I’m going to show you in just a bit so here click on forms let’s make a new form now so the new form is gonna be WordPress themes ok so WordPress themes and then here you can give like a brief description of it something like we talked about WordPress being here you know guys another really big thing about forms about why they’re so good is because these things actually get picked up on search engines and you know it actually helps with SEO so I highly recommend to getting it or to get one you know why not you know not unless you don’t want to deal with people cause I don’t like to deal people so I made this form you know and it’s it’s you guys can see now it’s it’s its own topic but maybe I don’t want this to be its own topic so what I can do is I can drag it so you see now how WordPress themes and where’s presser plugins are a parent of WordPress discussion okay so this is a very simple way to create a hierarchy and in fact you could even do it like that so you can have WordPress discussions and then WordPress themes are WordPress plugins and then you can have another category for that specific section as well maybe you can even talk about different types of plugins you know but for its at all purposes we’re just gonna keep it simple and I’m gonna drag it there now let’s just say I want to go ahead and say you know what let’s let’s not talk about WordPress let’s talk abouts WooCommerce or something so right here we go to car or add new and go to WooCommerce or just happen you know whatever I’m just giving you guys an example again this stuff right here we don’t need to mess with the other bottom stuff you guys can kind of mess with that a little bit later so we’ll talk more about that and see right here so yeah all right save hierarchy okay so I save the hierarchy now let’s go ahead and do one more so add new and now I’m gonna do like so what we talked about with commerce let’s talk about payment methods and click on publish alright so now we have payment methods right here now we need to go ahead and drag this put it right there so you see what we’re doing here we’re basically creating a main category and we’re adding subcategories below its so when people see our form they can say okay we’ll commerce and pay the methods okay cool I get this I understand it now let’s just make one more and then I’m going to show you about how to do registration call all that stuff here we’ll talk about Commerce games because I just make this up as I go along I really I’m not on the script you know it’s I just I just do it you know so we should have actually saved the hierarchy so right here who commerce I got I got remember how to do that all right here save form a hierarchy and just do one more time just in case just in case it doesn’t work okay so we have our form there all right now right here we have different settings all right so we have like our form base URL so this URL right here is our our page right here so if you go to community right here we’re gonna go ahead and see our form right here or we can just go ahead and type it in so we can just type in community you can always change the name of the hyperlink to something like you know I don’t know whatever you want you know so this is our form you know it looks good already of course it doesn’t match the color scheme of my theme but you can always change that any options so here we have WordPress discussion we have different topics post online members because this is a really clean set up I love this set up so here we have like WordPress plugins and then you can like leave people can start actually posting in it so right now we have no posts because that’s what the people do you can always make your new post as a moderator or you can just you know add new topic and let’s let’s talk about plugins the 10 the 10 worst plugins I hate this plug-in list or I hates this plug-in called and then you can go ahead and put in your you can go ahead and add it in there okay and then right here we’ll click on add a topic and then of course people can go ahead and respond to this right here they can say you know I don’t like it I think it sucks whatever you know whatever they want to go ahead and talk about ok so that’s basically our quick little forum now let’s go ahead and talk about different things like we’ll talk about members we’ll talk about all the other settings so clicking on forms right here we kind of had we kind of have our forum already set all right here on our members click on members and then right here we have me right there so Darryl so if I click on that so we can kind of view the member now you can guys actually install buddypress or member press as well on this to kind of like you know I know it’s compatible now with I think it’s buddy press remember press I’m not too sure it’s the one with the profiles these buddy press but it’s compatible with that because it just came out with an update so it allows you to you know combine it as well so that’s an example of what it look like and again you guys can you know add in like you know different achievements and everything let’s go into setting this let’s go and show you guys alright so we have our forms I think we have two settings right we did settings okay so let’s go to this so our here we have the form title whatever you want your form to be called you can go to that now there’s a lot of these settings I’m not really gonna go far to in you know I’m not gonna really explain it like number of recent topics how many do you want a number of recent topics right here so depending on how many you want to display without going to the next page you can list it here form accesses so this is actually important so read access only so these are for people who are kind of lurking on your website who are just kind of they’re not registered but they’re just looking around so what permission do you want to give them here you can say like you can view replies but you cannot post because we want them to register first I’ll show you guys how to do registration in just a bit but all this stuff right here you can say for people who are not registered but are visiting the website can do these functions right here and then right here standard access of people who are registered and then form access and then full access so what permission do you want to give your moderators you can give them the permission to ban people you know ban everybody you know I’ve been bad from forums guys I have you know I put in my two cents sometimes and people are like you know what man you’re out you know the so you can you can add those permissions over there this again is just different other settings like as far as minutes go you guys can kind of go through these these are not really super important here we have members so right here like there this is like the remember you are URL so remember we went to the members section you know all that stuff that’s the URLs now you guys will need to use this right here this is very important so where do you want the login and the registration and lost password URL to be so right here will do something like log in right here register I think it’s pretty good pretty standard and then right here we’ll do like lost password now these sections right here are saying okay when someone logs in on your website where do you want them to go that’s basically what it’s saying I would recommend putting it on like their profile so you know profile you guys can actually see what they’ve actually done right here and then also a here account and then this subscriptions or something you can always modify it yourself this is the coolest section right here this is where you have all the settings for badges you know like I got some badges from Envato so I kind of feel good so here you guys can add badges you can say number of posts so if you post five times will give you the one star badge and then you can change the writing color to whatever you’d like you know so right here you guys can see you can change the color to something so if your site matches a current scheme you can go ahead and change that right there here you know reputation all this other stuff you know you guys can go ahead and go through this it’s it’s not really too important so it’s just kind of like you know reputation titles for selected user groups etc so going back up over here I’m gonna go to or click on update options one more time I’ll enter a URL so right here please enter a URL after login okay so I’ll go ahead and put in the whole URL sorry about that and then here you guys if you don’t put this and they do login it’ll just take them to your homepage so it’s not it’s not the end of the world so just letting you know so email is right here so these are the emails and you can go ahead and decorate the emails once they register or a new topic is created or if you’re having like a you know you know people get in like debates with forums and they start going at each other yeah you gotta let them know so here are just some other options you can add it can actually like you can show the foreign page title everything else now if you guys I think there’s a plug-in now that will get rid of the actual page title I think actually you know this will actually do it now that’s cool before they didn’t have that so here you can actually take away the page title so if you want you don’t want to show form you can just go ahead and take that out okay styles different colors so I gave mine a dark color scheme you can guys can always go ahead and change it something else you’d like to you know whatever you guys want that’s pretty self-explanatory I’ll do I’ll do I’ll do green and then click on the update options if you’re a developer you guys can always add your CSS right here like a text wrap or whatever you want tools they have like their own controls as far as like heading spam usually they kind of like someone post a link they’ll kind of like flag it you know cuz people out there like hey check this out and then you go it’s like a Viagra website you know it’s really annoying so here we have like the different settings you guys can go ahead and go through like you know a login form don’t worry about the login form I’m going to show you the URL because I know people are wondering about that so moderation these are like things that are held for moderation so topics and posts so if you have the settings where basically you’re saying you must be moderated before we prove it that’s where you gonna go ahead and set its members right here you guys can see here members you guys can always modify their stuff user groups here as well you guys can always add like user groups so by default guys I don’t think you’ll add another one I mean I’ve seen some forums have like under admins they have like the sub admins like the beginner so you can always make something like that and then give them permission for something but I think this is pretty good I think this is pretty standard I don’t think you’re not going you know you’re not gonna run like the next like crazy stuff and these are like just Freight like front-end phrases you guys will see this is more for Doug before but you guys can always like you know modify it you guys can always add your own but most of you probably won’t need this because they’ve done a really good job at adding the front end phrases next we have themes so this is the current theme and I don’t know if they have other ones you guys can always check out their websites also they give you guys instructions like you know different ways to style with custom sheets you know the style sheets but you as beginners probably you’re never going to use that stuff and then here you have add-on so if you want to add different add-ons you can add them on now let’s go ahead and do our register page now before we do our register page guys we will need to change some settings and install one simple plugin so over here under the plugins I want to go to add new and we are going to install buddypress now the reason why we install buddypress guys is that because that actually enables us to have the permalinks and it creates our login page for us so people can actually log in without having to use WP – like login or whatever so let me just give you guys an example all right so we saw buddypress now again we did that because now if we go over here and we do register it’s going to give them this beautiful page right here about best because I’m logged in oops oops I look like a bad instructor so here imma go to what’s it called register so let’s just say they want to register you can like put in that link to like a button anywhere on your website and let me brought to this page right here now I don’t have this set and that’s because the last setting that we need to check is a little check box in the settings so let’s go ahead and I’m gonna go ahead and log back into my website and guys this is like the most important step of this entire section please do not forget this step if you get this step your forum just it won’t work so over here we’re gonna go to our are was a general settings it’s at the settings or your settings in general and then right here this little box right here we need to click on anyone can register now I hope you guys watch this tutorial since this part or from the beginning to now because if this is not checked your forum will not work so Save Changes and guys I think that’s about it now let’s go ahead and just do like a quick little walkthrough of our forum now really quickly guys you guys can go ahead and go to like your menu it maybe add it to your menu as well don’t forget about that remember the page is community so by default it actually creates the page for you so right here I have so many pages guys cuz I ins I installed templates so I can probably just there it is forum there we go so by doing that you should you know it’s it’s easier people to get to your forum okay so also you guys can go to pages and all wp4 is guys it’s a shortcode so over here under my pages let’s hoist being a little slow I can just show you guys really quickly what the shortcode looks like so right here we have forum and guys literally it’s a shortcode so you can take this shortcode and put it anywhere you can you know you can even decorate it you can add like stuff over here and then maybe you know miss around with it trial settings you know it just depends on the theme that you’re using I can’t really say for sure if you can decorate it or not but I know some things you can but it has its own little you know template there is color schemes we don’t really need to now let’s just go ahead and let’s go ahead and view this page right here so here we click on view page and again you know our forum is legit it looks great you have two members right here people can log-in people can register people can do whatever they want so here I’m gonna click on logout and now up here I’m gonna go to register now really quickly they can also register through this right here as well if they choose to or they can use the one that you created for them like this right here okay so a buddy price creates a really nice structure for this so right here you know they can log in and then after they log in it’ll take them to the page tha

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