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How to make High PR Do-Follow from Facebook? (Full Guide With Images)

How to make High PR Do-Follow from Facebook? (Full Guide )

Nowadays you must have heard. No-follow link is available from social media. But how do you make Do-follow backlink from Facebook in today? I will provide this related information. I am sure, if you follow this article. So just this one link will give you a very good result. This helps us to maintain rank in the search engine.

facebook is one of the world’s largest website messes. To which the users from online reputation is also quite awesome. You may know about domain authority and page authority. Otherwise I already told about the domain authority. Which is a moz metric. By which the website is scored to 0-100. The same page rank is google’s score.

Which scores a domain up to 0-10. The website whose win will be a good DA and PR. Receiving a backlink from that website will provide a better result. Specially for your information, I’ll tell you. Facebook’s DA100 out of 100 O and PR 10 out of 10

How to create high PR backlink from Facebook?

Often this has to be notice and read. That is, we get a no-follow link from any social media platform. The same thing happens on Facebook too. But you do not have complete information. Friends, when we share a hyper link on Facebook or other social media. Then it gets added by default no-follow attribute. By which the automatic no-follow backlink is obtained from the shared link.

but that does not mean it. Leave that on sharing on social media. It also gets a lot of benefits. Friends also get traffic on blog from social sharing. Also, domain reputation remains. And the biggest benefit is to look at google social signals like this on an indirectly ranking factor.

Now, getting a high quality backlinks from Facebook like Facebook, follow the steps below.

Steps to create Do-Follow Backlink from Facebook –

step one – initial log in to your Facebook account. (Note: – You have created Facebook page on the FB account for the website.

2 step – Now you open this link from dashboard.statichtmlapp.com on your computer or laptop. This is an online tool. With the help of which we can add html code to facebook page.

Step 3 – As soon as you click on the link above. We have already logged into Facebook. That’s why the website will be automatically connected to our account. So the page of your choice “Choose a page” will be open now. In this tab, select your brand page.

step 4 – After selecting your page in the step above, click “Edit tabs on this page”. And which new page will open. Fill out your new tab information in it. Such as – tab name, tab image, text color, background color, etc.

5. Step – Now after filling up the above information, click on Add tab now. After clicking on it, click on the button set up tab in front of you. The screen below will appear in front of you.

Step 6 – In the given section in the image above (paste you custom html code here!), Copy and paste the code below and click on Save & publish.

  jcyberyuktiCyberyukti  This is a Hindi blog. Which is taught about education, English grammar, blogging, SEO and online earning. [Note – You can add more information and information to your blog or website. ]

Note: – Enter the URL of your URL and anchor text in the above code and add the code to your website.
enough. As you will click on save and publish. We will create a custom tab in your Facebook page. In which we have the add-on link and information added. Which means that we have created high PR backlink from Facebook.

Conclusion –

So how do I make do-follow you from Facebook? Has learned its technique I hope this post will be very helpful for you. Thank for reading

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