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How to view as many views on YouTube (ranks without)

Hello friends! Today we will tell you how to get more views on your YouTube video as soon as possible.

Let’s know about Brian Dean’s Sequel Technique, through which Brian has 25,339 views on his YouTube video in just 2 weeks.

Let’s understand this process in detail by step by step –

You will be surprised to know that the most views on your YouTube videos come through suggested videos and not by direct search.

It is a different thing that if you are ranking the highest for any video, you will find more traffic through search.
Statistics show that approximately 40% to 60% of the traffic comes from organized sex.
Courtesy: Brian Dean (Backlinko)

But if you are not at the top, then your objective should be to include your video in suggested videos.

You can see suggested videos on the right side of the desktop and in the bottom of the mobile.

If your video has arrived in suggested videos, you can easily find thousands / millions views. And the best way to get it is Sequel Techniques.

Step 1: Find the most popular videos related to your topic

Find a video related to a topic you want to make a video that has a lot of views.

The aim of the sequel technique is to note that we have to show our video in Suggested Video. And if your video is shown in the suggested videos of a popular video, then a lot of viewers will definitely click on it.

How to find popular videos related to your topic?

  • YouTube Search: Youtube Search: Enter the keywords related to your subject in the YouTube search box and select the video for which there are lots of views.                                                 
  • Competitive Youtube Channel: You can also choose from popular videos of your competitors. Are. For this, you have to go to their YouTube channel, click on the video and filter it according to popularity. The most popular videos will show you the first number.

Step 2: Make a better and lengthy sequel video

Now that you have selected a popular video related to your subject, you have to make a longer and better video.

Why is this important?

Courtesy: Brian Dean (Backlinko)
Shortly before YouTube has published a research paper, it explains how suggested videos work. YouTube pays much attention to the expected watch time.
Explain in simple terms, how often the user watches the video after clicking on your video, it is a very important parameter for YouTube.

YouTube which encourages them more time, which keeps the video users more time on YouTube. The higher your expected view time is, the better it is for you.

For example, you have made about 2 video related to the benefits of “tea benefits” and both videos appear in suggested videos. The first video viewer only sees 30 seconds and the other is 2 minutes.

Accordingly, the expected view time of the other video is four times more than the first video, so YouTube will promote this video much more than ever before.

Obviously the video should be the best to spend more time on video. For this, you have to make the video selected in step 1 even better. Your sequel or part 2 should be much better than the first video.

How to make your video better?

Your video should be intro or intro.Why is this necessary?

Youtube statistics show that the first 15 seconds of the video is extremely important. If you lose interest in the viewer’s video in the first 15 seconds, then they will click on any other video.
But if you first pulled his attention in 15 seconds, then surely he would watch the whole video.

How to make a great intro?

1. In the first sentence of the video, tell what you are trying to explain or explain and how it will be beneficial for the viewer.

2. Immediately after this, tell the figures to strengthen your claim.

3. Make a longer duration video. Statistics show that long videos are seen much more than short-term videos.

Keep in mind that YouTube promotes videos that keep people bundled on YouTube. Long-term videos do this job better. Expected Watch Time of long videos is also high.

Assume that the length of your video is 3 minutes and people watch this video completely (which is very less likely) then your complete expected time will be 3 minutes.

But if the length of your video is 20 minutes and people also see 50% of this video then your expected view time will be 10 minutes.

4. Pattern Interrupts: Pattern Interruption is a process in which we interfere with any effect for video changes. This blockage can be done through music, camera angle changes, jokes, etc. or anything that is different from your video.

Step 3: Optimize your video
Generally you optimize your video for SEO but in sewing technology you do not have to do this. If you still do this, you definitely will get the benefit.
But this is not your main purpose. Your main objective is to show your video in the suggested video of the popular video.

So how to optimize your video for suggested videos?

is very easy! Copy the keywords of your competitors.

The YouTube Creators Academy says that if your video’s Meta Data matches your competitor video then your video is more likely to appear in suggested videos.

Let’s understand the process of optimizing the video

1. Speak your keyword in your video
You can understand what you are saying in your video, YouTube 90-95%.
So when YouTube listens to your target keyword in the video, it can easily understand the subject of your video.

2. Use keywords in video titles

3. Optimize Video Description or Description (Video Description)
Use all the keywords in your video description that your competitors are doing. Do not copy the details. Use your own written descriptions and similar keywords as well.

4. Copy the competitor’s video tags (video tags)
To find the tags of the competitor, you have to go to the source code of that video page. You can also use tools such as TubeBuddy or vidIQ. You can use many of these suitable tags in your video.

By doing this, not only will your video appear in suggested videos, but coming up next will automatically play itself as the next video itself.
Bonus Step: Increase Click Through Rate or CTR for your video
If you want double, tripled or quadruple views from your suggested video, increase your click through rate.

The simplest terms of click through rate mean how many people clicked on your video compared to the viewed logo.

For example, 100 users saw your video and 10 clicked on it, then your click through rate is 10%.

The higher your click through rate, the more views you get.

How to increase click through rate?

First you open YouTube in the Google Chrome browser (Incognito mode) of Chrome browser (Google Chrome). Then go to the video that you want to show in the suggested video.
Observe all the video thumbnails under the suggested videos section.
You have to make your thumbnail something in such a way that it looks different.

You can use different blue or green background colors for all videos.
Secondly, be sure to include your own photo in your video thumbnail. Research suggests that the users who click the thumbnails in which the faces are visible, the users click more on those videos.

Do this and you will find an increased click through rate.

Hope the friends liked the sequel technique. Will you give it a try? Please tell us in the comment section.

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