If body pain is happening with fever, then try these 5 effective tips

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With the onset of winter, the problem of viral fever, flu, phlegm also starts, because our body is not able to manage its temperature according to the outside temperature. In such a situation, the body temperature becomes higher than the normal temperature. Along with this, problems like cough-cold and body ache also start happening. Sometimes even after the fever subsides, the problem of body ache during fever persists for a few days. Due to which fatigue and weakness can be felt throughout the day.

Although it is necessary to contact the doctor if the problem is more, but if the symptoms are simple, then it can be cured quickly by paying attention to some things. Today in this article of Health Shots, we will talk about such tips, by following which you can get quick relief from the problem of body pain.

Know the main reasons for body pain

It is common to have body pain due to viral fever, flu, but sometimes our other reasons can also cause body pain. According to an article in the National Library of Medicine, arthritis, overuse of muscles, taking a vaccine or a viral problem can also cause body pain. Apart from this, excessive burden on the body or lack of necessary rest and nutrition are also included in its causes.

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Know here the tips to get quick relief from body pain

stretching benefits
This will give relief to your muscles and the movement of the body will also keep the body warm.
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1. Do stretching exercises

If you feel stiffness or weakness in the body, then do light stretching exercises or walk at home. This will give relief to your muscles and the movement of the body will also keep the body warm.

2. Oil massage

According to the research of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, taking massage can prove to be very effective for quick relief from body pain.

For massage, massage your body by lukewarm any massage oil or mustard oil. With this, your muscles will be relaxed and the body will also get new freshness.

3. Get Enough Rest

Starting a busy schedule soon after the fever subsides can take a toll on the body. Because there can be a lack of energy in the body after fever. In such a situation, putting more pressure on the body can increase the problem of body pain.

Do not forget to take adequate rest even after fever, for this make your sleep schedule healthy and avoid screen work for long hours.

4. It would be better to take heat therapy

A 2006 study published in PubMed Central found that applying heat therapy to the body can help relieve sore muscles. For this, taking fomentation with the help of warming bag or machine can also be effective. Experts also recommend heat therapy during menstruation or muscle stiffness.

more hot water than n nahaen
Taking a warm bath will provide heat therapy to your muscles. Image: shutterstock

5. Bathing with lukewarm water

Many people avoid bathing during fever, but to keep the body temperature normal, bathing with hot water can give you benefits in both fever and body pain.

Bathing with lukewarm water will provide heat therapy to your muscles, which will reduce body tension and also relieve pain. The warmth of the water can also help in providing immediate relief from the pain. Even in Ayurveda, hot water bath has been considered effective in muscle pain.

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