If insulin is wrong then not one, get diabetes tested so often, American doctors gave this advice

Diabetes Symptoms: Diabetes, hypertension are lifestyle related diseases. Doctors say that people who walk by maintaining the lifestyle. For example, following rules like meditation on healthy diet, yoga-exercise, sleeping on time. They are very less likely to get these diseases. To prevent any disease, it is necessary to check it first. Timely diagnosis makes the treatment of the disease easier.

This type of patient got diabetes test done 3 times

According to media reports, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), diabetic patients should test their blood sugar at least thrice a day to check blood sugar. During this, this should also be kept in mind. This test is necessary for those people who are in need of more insulin.

Investigation also depends on the condition of the patient

Diabetes type 2 patients are examined keeping in mind their insulin level. Experts say that checking the sugar level in any diabetic patient is done keeping in view his condition. Only the doctor decides what is the level of insulin? And how often does he need to get tested.

What should be the sugar level in the blood

Doctors say that to check the sugar level in the blood, tests should be done from time to time. If the level of fasting glucose in the blood is less than 100 mg/dL then this condition is normal. If the glucose level is 126 mg/dL or more in two separate tests, there is a possibility of diabetes. Glucose is coming 500 mg/dL on the first test, then the test should be done till it becomes normal.

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