If there is severe pain in these places of the body, there may be chances of cervical, talk to the doctor soon

Cervical Pain:The effect of bad food and bad lifestyle is being seen on our health. One of these is the problem of cervical, which is increasing rapidly due to sitting in bad posture for a long time, sitting for hours on the phone, working on laptop or computer. Every second or third person is troubled by the problem of cervical, neck pain, stiffness in the neck. Even in children this problem is being seen. Sometimes there is severe pain in the neck, back and head, but we ignore it considering it minor, doing so can be bad for your future life. Some people do not even know that the part of the body in which they are having pain is due to cervical… Let us know where and where cervical pain can occur.

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Why there is cervical pain

  • Sleeping in the wrong position can cause cervical pain.
  • Lifting heavy weights on the head can lead to cervical pain.
  • Keeping the neck bent for a long time can also cause cervical pain.
  • Sitting in the same position for a long time also causes pain.
  • Using thick and big pillows also causes cervical pain.
  • Cervical can also be caused by the weight of a heavy helmet.

how to defend

  • One should avoid working in the same posture for hours, one should walk after taking a break every little while. This will save you from being a victim of cervical.
  • Avoid using mobile phone for hours in wrong posture
  • You can apply hot and cold compress.
  • You can get relief from cervical pain by getting massage.
  • Avoid sleeping on the stomach, it stretches the neck. Sleep on the back or side, this will help you to get relief from the pain.

Where can there be cervical pain

  • According to doctors, cervical pain can start from the neck and reach the back, apart from this it can happen in other parts of the body.
  • The problem of severe pain and stiffness in the neck is considered to be the first symptom of cervical. This is the reason why your neck gets stiff and you are unable to rotate your neck.
  • If you are also suffering from headache, then you should understand that this is also happening to you due to cervical.
  • There is pain in the muscles of the hands and arms also due to cervical pain, the fingers of the hands also become numb. Stiffness and severe pain is also felt in the fingers.
  • Severe pain and stiffness in the shoulder are also caused by cervical due to which your posture also deteriorates.

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