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If you want to strengthen the immune system, do not ignore zinc, know everything about this essential nutrient

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A strong immune system is essential for a healthy body. For this, the presence of sufficient amount of minerals in the body is necessary. Zinc means zinc is found throughout the body. It is present in the cells of the body. This is very important for pregnancy, newborns and teens. It helps in the development of the body. It strengthens the immune system. So that the body can fight strongly against the bacteria and viruses of diseases. Zinc is very important for strengthening the immune system.

How is the Immune System Affected?

A research article on the effects of zinc on the immune system was published in Nutrient Journal. Researchers Inga Wessels, Martina Maywald and Lothar Rink found in their research that zinc deficiency weakens the immune system. First in the 1960s, zinc deficiency affects the immune system. Zinc is essential for protein binding. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The constant state of zinc nutrition is called homeostasis. Several studies have found that zinc deficiency can also cause hair loss, testicular atrophy, thickening of the epidermis, and hyperkeratinization.

How much quantity (Zinc Doses) is necessary

Research paper on the effects of zinc dietary products on the immune system by researchers Javier Romeo, M Malavolta has been published in the Springer Age journal. In this, it has been told that it is necessary for people above 19 years of age to consume the right amount of zinc.

zinc benefits
It is important for people above the age of 19 to consume the right amount of zinc. Image: shutterstock

Men need 11 milligrams of zinc a day and women need 8 milligrams.

Important for pregnancy

Women need 11 mg during pregnancy and 12 mg during lactation. No woman or man should consume more than 40 milligrams of zinc per day. The need for zinc increases for the fetus and during lactation. Because the amount of zinc in breast milk is less. The high calcium and phosphorus content in cow’s milk can reduce the absorption of zinc.

Which foods are included

Research done at Harvard University suggests that red meat, poultry and seafood are rich in zinc. Plant-based foods such as legumes and whole grains are good sources of zinc. But they also contain phytates, which can bind with the mineral. Due to this the absorption is reduced. Zinc is found in abundance in shell fish, crab, lobster, oyster, beef, pork, chicken, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fortified cereals.

Zinc Supplement

Zinc is also available as a supplement in capsule and syrup form. But zinc should always be consumed according to need. Excess zinc can interfere with the absorption of iron and copper. An overdose of zinc can also cause nausea and vomiting. that’s why Be sure to consult a doctor before taking a zinc supplement.

folic acid supplement
Be sure to consult a doctor before taking a zinc supplement. Image: shutterstock

Can help with cold cough

According to Harvard Health, some studies suggest that zinc may prevent the spread of cold viruses. Because it reduces inflammation. The study concludes that zinc-rich foods such as Chicken soup doesn’t prevent colds, does it? But can help in curing the symptoms of cold like sore throat, phlegm, increased smelling power. For this, taking it within a day of the onset of symptoms may help to reduce it.

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