In West Bengal, small children are falling ill with adenovirus, this dangerous virus can cause inflammation in the lungs.

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There has been a spurt in the cases of adenovirus in West Bengal. According to the information received recently, a six-month-old boy and a two-and-a-half-year-old girl who were battling this respiratory infection have died. So far 11 children have died in the state in two months. While many more are estimated to be infected. Actually, such infections increase during the passing winter. Due to the changes in the weather, the body becomes vulnerable to many types of infections. Adenovirus is included in the series of these infections. The symptoms of which are like common cough and cold, but it also takes a serious form in many cases.

So far, more than 1,010 cases of mystery hepatitis or hepatitis have been reported to WHO by 35 countries across five continents. More than half of the cases are said to be found in Europe. The cases of mystery hepatitis that were reported. Investigations have revealed that it may be related to adenovirus.

What is adenovirus?

Adenoviruses are a group of infections that can cause mild to severe infections in the body. Actually, this virus attacks the respiratory system of the body. The symptoms of this infection also look similar to the common cold or flu. In most cases, the symptoms of adenovirus are mild and can be relieved with treatment.

adenovirus treatment
High grade fever is found in children with adenovirus. Image: shutterstock

Let’s talk about adenovirus symptoms happened MBBS, Child and New Born Specialist Dr. Abhishek Nair says, high grade fever is found in children suffering from adenovirus. Apart from this, the appetite of children becomes weak. He doesn’t feel like eating anything. Also, symptoms like vomiting, rashes and sticking of eyes are found.

In this virus, on the third day, the body is able to recognize this infection. Then after that, on the 7th day, its antibodies start getting ready in the body. Due to this the child has fever for 8 to 10 days. Most children take 10 days to 14 days to get over the virus. The risk is higher in children under the age of eight.

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What the research says about adenovirus

According to NCBI, most of the risk of adenovirus infection occurs in children between the ages of 6 months to 2 years. Apart from this, its symptoms are also found in children aged 5 to 9 years.

At the same time, doctors have said that with the beginning of March, there will be prevention in cases of adenovirus. They believe that adenovirus is being found in up to 80 percent of infected children. Apart from this, some cases of human metavirus and parainfluenza are being found. Children one year of age or less are most at risk of adenovirus.

adenovirus is not new

The risk of respiratory infection in children with adenovirus infection remains up to 10%. Studies have found that by the age of 10, most children have at least one adenovirus infection. 75% of conjunctivitis cases are caused by adenovirus. In 2016, the Global Burden of Disease Study estimated that approximately 75 million episodes of diarrhea in children under the age of five worldwide were caused by adenovirus infection.

According to research, so far about 50 types of adenoviruses have been identified. In fact, this virus remains throughout the year. But at the end of winter and beginning of spring, the number of patients getting infected with it increases. In some cases it can also be serious.

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adenovirus symptoms
Children become weak. Image: shutterstock

Recognize the common symptoms of adenovirus

common cold or flu
sore throat and pain
acute bronchitis ie inflammation in the airways of the lungs,
pink eyes
abdominal pain and vomiting
keep dehydration
having a fever near 104 degrees
shortness of breath

These safety tips can protect children from adenovirus

1 wash hands thoroughly

Children often start eating without washing their hands while playing. In such a situation, instruct children of two years and above to wash their hands before eating. Wash your hands with liquid soap for about 20 seconds. So that one can get freedom from all the contagions.

2 Avoid touching their face

If your hands are dirty or you have come in contact with an infected person, wash your hands immediately. Avoid getting them in the eyes, nose and mouth without washing them. With this, infections will easily start getting attracted to you.

3 Don’t go near people who are suffering

If a person or child is getting infected with this infection, then avoid going near it. This virus spreads by touching or coughing. To avoid this infection, it is advised to wear a mask. Apart from this, protect yourself from coming in contact with such people.

If your child has this infection, keep him away from other children. Especially avoid sending to school or parks where there are groups of children.

4 Social distance is important

In CAvid, we have already understood the importance of social distancing. If your child is suffering from adenovirus, keep him at home. Don’t let people interact too much. It is necessary to wash hands before and after eating anything. Also avoid eating outside food and sharing food with others. This increases the risk of infection rapidly. Instead of keeping the used tissue or handkerchief here and there, keep it in the pocket.

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