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Indeed prime

Indeed prime

Indeed prime
Indeed prime

Today’s highly competitive landscape of recruiting tech-and as technological innovation continues to transform some industries, the demand for qualified candidates will only go up. In fact, one study shows that there may be as many as one million computing jobs than there are applicants who can fill them in 2020. With such talent gap, it could be difficult for companies to find tech workers with the skills they need.

Indeed prime

In 2016, to help close this gap, we launched Judging by Indeed (formerly The Prime), a subscription-based service that provides employers access to pre-vetted talent ranging from software engineers to product managers for a data scientist. Judging by so vet school employees supported their capabilities, education and work experience to ensure that employers are matched with high caliber candidates for the role-gain access to the talent they normally would not see through the recruitment of a traditional university, agency staff or their job vacancies.

Indeed prime

Since the service was launched, the candidate Judging has received more than 85,000 bids. With results like this, we want to help even more businesses find technology talent they need. And today we’re announcing a new addition, a free basic plan that will extend the accessibility of Seen to individual users of a smaller company.

Indeed prime

free access to pre-vetted candidate with the Basic plan

New Basic Plan is a free, limited version Judging for individuals from smaller companies that employ 1-10 role of technology per year. Recruiters, hiring managers and CTO at these companies will have a version of It Looks that gives them access to free and unlimited to our pool of candidates pre-checked, updated daily, but without a strong feature set available to those who paid, subscription based plans.

Indeed prime

The Basic Plan will allow those who are not familiar with Visible to try the service at no cost. And if the employer wants to gain an extra edge when it comes to hiring talent in technology, it is easy to upgrade to a subscription plan.

initial contact with potential and other benefits of a subscription plan
Entrepreneurs with a subscription plan to get first access candidate, 14 days before they use a Basic plan view them. This brings significant advantages: It Data show that 75% of employees in the Visible results of the contacts made in the first 14 days on the platform. Furthermore, 80% of candidates are employed Judging hired by one of the first five companies they are involved with.

Indeed prime

In addition, employers with a subscription plan can track and optimize their technology recruiting through Dashboard Views recruiting employers and self-serve analysis. They can quickly access the response rate, the reasons for refusal and the volume of contacts with individuals or teams, identify the recruiters and roles that are gaining traction, and which areas need improvement.

a subscription plan to support collaboration with colleagues through linked accounts, making it easier to see which candidates have been contacted. They also offer the integration of ATS, and a dedicated account manager with a background in technical recruiting to provide help custom sourcing and candidate intel.

A plan for each type of user
Currently we have two subscription-based plan for Visible, according to different needs.

Indeed prime

Important plan is for up to five users who usually employ 1-10 role of technology per year. Enterprise plans area unit for an infinite variety of users UN agency rented 11+ role of technology each year. Both provide access to various features.

Indeed prime

And now, with our new basic plan is likely to be entrepreneurs than ever to benefit from our recruiting services.
It’s never been easier to try Judging by Indeed. Learn more about how you can begin to attract high quality candidates for the role of today’s open.

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Indeed prime

Top 5 reasons to try Judging by Indeed

1. Private and exclusive.

employers just checked saw your profile on our private network. You can even hide your profile from your current leader.

2. The information upfront.

Employers your message in advance with details of salary and role, reducing unnecessary communications back-and-forth.

3. efficient approach.

Your dashboard looks smooth track of your messages, the phone screen, interview on the spot, and deals. Calendar and messaging tools in the app let you keep everything in one place.

4. Free.

We will not charge you a dime-yes, even to service our career.

5. Easy to use.

fast, intuitive registration process we require 5 minutes. Our team has reviewed your application within 24 hours and quickly reach about next steps.

Indeed prime

All the information you need to remove the account indeed.

Service: indeed It is the online job sites.

How to Delete Account:

● Go to account
● Click on the email in the upper right corner, and then tap the “Account”
● Click the “Delete My Account”
● In the pop-up, click “OK”

Information needed:

• E-mail

If you’re using Facebook Sign Into It:

• Go to indeed use Facebook account email and password
• Delete the account using the steps listed above

Remove & Delete Account From Facebook:

• Click on “Settings” on your Facebook profile
• Press “Apps” on the left side of the screen
• Press the “x” next to the service you want to remove

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