Instead of cola or packaged juice, make Holi more energetic with these 3 desi recipes

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Only a few days are left for Holi. In such a situation, the preparations for Holi start in advance in all the houses. From salty and sweet dishes to inviting guests, the list is also prepared in advance. But during this time we often forget to pay attention to ourselves. Most of the oily and sweet dishes like Pakodas, Gunjia, Matri are consumed on Holi. Which can spoil your Holi party by making you feel lethargic and tired. So should our dishes be avoided? Not at all, we have found a solution to this problem of yours with the help of old grandmother’s recipes. Today we have come up with the recipes of three such energy drinks, which will help in improving your mood along with maintaining energy in you.

So let’s know without delay the method of preparing these 3 instant energy drinks (healthy energy boosting drinks).

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What better than Banana and Green Shake to get instant energy. Image: shutterstock

1. Banana and Green Shake

What better than Banana and Green Shake to get instant energy. Prepared in minutes with a few ingredients, this drink will energize you as well as help you relax your mood.

To prepare it, take two ripe bananas in a mixer jar. After this, add 3 spoons of almond butter to it. Now prepare a shake by adding half cup curd, 1 scoop sugar free whey protein, 1 cup non dairy milk and one teaspoon flake seeds and half cup spinach.

According to a 2020 research by PubMed Central, bananas are considered a good source of potassium and magnesium. Its consumption can also reduce fatigue and weakness along with muscle cramps. That’s why heavy exercisers are advised to drink banana smoothie. Spinach is rich in iron which will not let you feel weak.

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2. Kokum and Coconut Water

Kokum is considered better for maintaining energy. To prepare kokum drink, take 2 spoons of kokum syrup in a glass and take a glass of coconut water in it. Now to add a twist to the test, add half a teaspoon of black salt and one teaspoon of lemon juice to it.

In Ayurveda, Kokum is considered better for digestion. According to Ayurveda, due to the calmness of the fire in the stomach, problems related to digestion start. The same kokum intake helps in keeping digestion healthy by increasing the fire of the stomach. Also, its consumption has been considered beneficial in increasing energy in the body and in problems like diarrhea and inflammation.

According to research by the National Council on Aging, consuming coconut water instead of plain water helps to boost energy levels and improve digestion. Along with this, it is also beneficial for weight loss along with keeping the body sufficiently hydrated.

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This drink will help you detox your body along with maintaining your energy. Image: Adobe Stock

3. Ginger and Cardamom Drink

If you are looking for a caffeine free drink then what better than ginger and cardamom drink. This drink, which is prepared in minutes, will help in detoxing the body along with maintaining your energy.

To prepare it, put two small pieces of ginger in a glass of warm water. Now add 2 cardamom and two pinches of turmeric powder to it. Consuming this energy drink will give you relief from lethargy, tiredness. Also, you will be able to feel energetic throughout the day.

The National Institutes of Health found in 12 studies that ginger consumption has proved beneficial in problems like nausea, weakness and morning sickness. Its elements also help in removing toxins from the body.

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