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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Kahevat Lal Parivar Gujarati Movie Download in High Quality [HQ]

Kahevat Lal Parivar Gujarati Movie Download — Kahevat Lal Parivar is a Gujarati Family Drama movie which has been written and directed by Vipul Mehta.

Kahevat Lal Parivar Gujarati Movie Download
Kahevat Lal Parivar Gujarati Movie Download

Cast of The Film

  • Shraddha Dangar as Heta
  • Sanjay Goradia as Shamu
  • Bhavya Gandhi as Himesh
  • Ankit Panchal as Panditji
  • Vandana Pathak as Bhadra
  • Supriya Pathak as Kalandi
  • Siddharth Randeria as Raju Bhai

The film is a funfair of all renowned & esteemed star cast. The film is about a family in which a chairperson can be witnessed running a legacy business of making “Dhokla”. What else you witness is the kind of challenges he faces and how all the difficulties help him in bonding his family.

The film is a laugh riot and Siddharth Randeria has succeeded with his comic timing while Supriya Pathak’s character has been very well written. She nails it being an urban mother and Sanjay Goradia is also a show stealer who wins audience’s claps with his stuttering voice.


Shraddha Danger looks beautiful in the film and has acted well too. Now, if we talk about the technicalities, then the script could have been better but writing is apt.

The Direction is just OK, the screenplay is good specifically in the second half and the music is also very good. The dialogues are entertaining and the film takes lot of time in building a plot  before the interval.

Synopsis Of The Film


Welcome to the world of Kehvatlal Parivar to experience drama, love, and togetherness. When there is unlimited madness in the house, this Parivar is all set to deliver delightful moments that can make laugh and cry.


ખુબ જ સુંદર ગુજરાતી ચલચિત્ર જોવાથી ખૂબ ખૂબ આનંદ થયો. બધાં જ કલાકારો એ અભિનય ખુબ જ સુંદર રીતે રજુ કર્યો હતો. ચલચિત્ર નિર્માણ નાં બધાં જ સભ્યો ને દિલથી ખુબ ખુબ અભિનંદન. આવી સુંદર અને સરસ મજાનાં ચલચિત્રો બનાવતા રહો અને આપ સૌ ખુબજ પ્રગતિ કરો એવી દિલથી શુભેચ્છાઓ. આપ સૌને ખૂબ ખૂબ અભિનંદન. જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ જય અંબે માં


Kahevat Lal Parivar Gujarati Movie Download Here

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