Know what is the problem of keratitis, which can also take away the eyesight

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If you also wear lenses, then you must take care of some things that the lens has to be kept in its box, the lens has to be kept in the solution containing the lens, do not rub the eyes with the lens on or do not sleep with the lens on and much more. Some.

Recently, a case has come to light in which 21-year-old Mike Krumholz, who lives in America, slept with contact lenses in his eyes. Due to which his eyesight went away. Doctors are telling it the problem of Acanthamoeba keratitis. Let’s know what is the whole matter and what is keratitis (Acanthamoeba keratitis) which can also take away the eyesight.

Boy sleeping in America wearing lenses

Mike, a resident of America, was wearing lenses for the last 7 years. The first time he forgot to take off the lens. After which he had to face this problem. When Mike woke up, he found that one of his eyes was red and infected. Mike went to the doctor, who told him that part of his eye had been eaten by a flesh-eating parasite. This news was enough to blow Mike’s senses.

The doctor also reported Mike Krumholz as having acanth amoeba keratitis in his right eye. In this February, Mike created a page, in which he shared all the information about these accidents.

kya contact lenses ko din bhar pahanna safe hai!
Sleeping with contact lenses in can damage your eyesight Image: Shutterstock

Mike told that he woke up in the morning and found allergies and red eyes. He was diagnosed with HSV 1 in the eye. But after he visited 5 ophthalmologists and 2 cornea specialists, he was diagnosed with a rare parasite in the eye called Acanthamoeba keratitis.

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One million people around the world wear lenses

Mike said I had a surgery called PDT relocation of the conjunctival flap. Due to this there is a lot of pain in one of his eyes and nothing is visible.

Mike has appealed to other people who wear contact lenses, they should not sleep wearing them or take a bath wearing them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 33 out of 1 million people who wear contact lenses are infected with this type of parasite.

Sleeping with contact lenses can be dangerous for the eyes

Talking about this in more detail, Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj says that sleeping with lenses in has a high risk of bacterial and fungal eye infections.

Keratitis, corneal abrasion, retention of contact lens in the fornix, dry eye can be a problem. Dr. Rishi is the HOD-Ophthalmology at Paras Hospital, Gurugram.

He adds, “It is not safe to sleep with contact lenses in. This increases the risk of corneal infection, which is an infection of the clear layer protecting the colored part of your eye.

Microbial keratitis, a form of corneal inflammation caused by infection, is up to five times more common when you wear your contact lenses overnight. The type of lens you have does not affect your risk of infection.

May increase the risk of keratitis

Acanthamoeba keratitis is a rare but serious infection of the eye that can cause permanent vision loss or blindness, according to the CDC. This infection is caused by a tiny amoeba called Acanthamoeba. Acanthamoeba causes keratitis when it infects the cornea.

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what could be the reason

Acanthamoeba keratitis is most common in people who wear contact lenses, but anyone can get this infection. Certain things can increase the risk of Acanthamoeba keratitis in people who wear contact lenses.

Don't wear decorative eye lenses
Avoid wearing decorative eye lenses this Halloween. Image: shutterstock

These mistakes can spoil your lens and eyesight

Disinfecting lenses improperly (such as using tap water to clean lenses)
swimming, using a hot tub, or showering while wearing lenses
exposure to contaminated water
history of corneal infection

What to do to avoid them?

1. Dr Rishi Bhardwaj told to remove the contact lens safely, if you are unable to remove it, leave it for some time.

2. Follow all the safety rules that your eye specialist has told you.

3. In case of any problem or abnormality, see an ophthalmologist immediately and follow the treatment instructions carefully.

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