Love and Monsters Full Movie in Hindi Download in HD Free

love and monsters full movie download in hindi Love and Monsters is an English film directed by Michael Mathews. This film was released on 16 October 2020. Starring Jessica Henwick, Dylan O’Brien, Michael Rooker and Dan Ewing. The runtime of the film is 1 hour 48 minutes and is rated PG-13 due to violence and action.

love and monsters full movie download in hindi

The film won the New Zealand Cinematographers Society Award for Best Features and was also nominated for awards such as Critics’ Choice Super Awards, Location Managers Guild International Awards (LMGI), CAFTCAD Awards and Academy Awards, USA. At the time of release, this flick was well received by its audience.


The film follows life seven years after the demonic apocalypse. As some demon-like creatures take control of the land, Joel Dawson lives underground with the survivors to remain unnoticed. Soon, one day over the radio he is joined by his girlfriend Aimee, who sadly is 80 miles away from him. After this discovery, he begins to realize that he has no one living underground that he knows. So, he decides to undertake the perilous journey to reach his beloved.

movie cast

  • Dylan O’Brien as Joel Dawson, a survivor from Fairfield, California.
  • jessica henwick Amy as Joel’s girlfriend
  • Dan Ewing as Brooks “Cap” Wilkinson, a ship’s captain
  • Michael Rooker as Clyde Dutton, a survivalist
  • Ariana Greenblatt as Minnow, a survivalist
  • Hero and Dodge Boy as Doug.
  • Ellen Hollman as Dana, Cap’s colleague
  • Trey Hale as Rocko, an associate of Cap’s
  • Pacharo as Mazembe Ray, a member of Joel’s colony
  • Seni Preeti as Karen, a member of Joel’s colony
  • Amalie Golden as Ava, a member of Joel’s colony
  • Te Kohe Tuhaka as Tim, a member of Joel’s colony
  • Tasneem Rock as Anna Lucia
  • Anderson as Thomas Campbell
  • Melanie Zanetti as Art, and also the voice of a robot Mav1s (Mavis)
  • Bruce Spence as “Old Pete”
  • Hazel Phillips as Janice
  • Donnie Baxter as Parker
  • Andrew Buchanan as Joel’s father
  • Tandy Wright as Joel’s mother

produced by

  • allegra clegg
  • Dan Cohen
  • Becca Edelman
  • shawn levy
  • John H Stark

production management

  • Eric Bergman
  • damien aggins
  • Gavin Evans
  • stewart flannery
  • Ravi Malhotra
  • dave mason
  • Sharon Miller
  • Tim O’Bank
  • John H Stark
  • jennifer teves

assistant director

  • deborah chung
  • Neridah Growth
  • Tom McCaw
  • James McGrady
  • Michael O’Connor
  • Joanne Pierce
  • Andrew Power
  • Brian Smerz
  • Greg Tynan
  • Alexander Canton
  • Christine Luby

writing credit

  • Brian Duffield
  • Matthew Robinson

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