MediEvil Remaster | How to open the original PS1

The MediEvil remastered out, letting players relive the adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque. However, for some there are who will replace the original PlayStation. Luckily for them, it exists as an unlockable hidden in the remastered. For those interested in playing it, here’s how to open and play the original MediEvil.


MediEvil remastered | How to open the original PS1 games

Remastered original game open in a new MediEvil involves Lost Souls. It is a new set of collections and other side quests Ocean Emeryville added when they remade the game. Lost Souls put this all rest will open the original PS1 game.


Before players can begin to lay this to rest Lost Souls, however, they need to unlock them first. Players can do this at the level of the hall, take the lower right path to find a chest blue. Opening the chest will open the Lost Souls.

After opening the Lost Souls, each level in the game will now have an “S” icon on the map. This indicates whether or not the Lost Soul has been found there. Players then have to replay these levels to find this Lost Souls and resolve their challenges.

MediEvil remastered | Where to find the Lost Souls

Laying of every soul Losing to rest is not easy however. Each will give players a puzzle which is basically a side quest that must be resolved before they can be put to rest. this puzzle pointing to the location where the player puts the item, which would then trigger challenges that must be resolved. Below, is a list of these Lost Souls, and where to find them.

  • Fishermen Formes (Entrance Hall)
  •  Brute Bruty (The Graveyard) Ye Old Olivara (Cemetery Hill)
  •  Baffy that baffler (The Hilltop Mausoleum) 
  • Surgical Sherman (Return to the Tomb) 
  • Chen Enchantress (Scarecrow Fields) 
  • Peter, Peter, Pumkin (Pumpkin Gorge ) 
  • Treviarnus, Troubadour (the Pumpkin Serpent) 
  • Kambic guard Grave (the Sleeping Village) Gavin Golden (the Asylum Grounds) 
  • Sir Schmidt Hermit (in Asylum) Daring D. Castro (the Enchanted Earth)
  •  Hopper legless (Ancient Pools Off) Children Jr, Sr child (The Lake) 
  • Knights McKnight (The Crystal Caves) 
  • Nautical Nachbaur (The Gallows Gauntlet) 
  • Barrelman Badillo (The Ruins Haunted) Captain Coffman (The Ghost Ship) Sir 
  • Sloane (Time Tool)

Note that the solution to this puzzle is usually caused players to another level in the game, so finding them is just the beginning. After all these puzzles have been solved, and the challenges they are beaten, then the original PS1 version MediEvil will be opened in the remastered main menu.


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