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Saturday, August 13, 2022
Hometip's and tricksMega Giveaway: You will get this phone and bike for free. ...

Mega Giveaway: You will get this phone and bike for free. Know how?

Friends, we have brought a GIVEAWAY for you in which you Mobile Phone and Bike both as a Gift Will be given You will get this bike and phone absolutely free and we will come to your house and give this gift to you. So let’s know how you can win these bikes and phones and what you will have to do for this. How do I get this bike and mobile phone? what needs to be done?

Bike and Phone Giveaway

Let us tell you that we have a YouTube channel “The Real Experiment” and this giveaway is being done on this channel. If you guys are supporting us so much, then we also have the right that we also do something for you.

That is why we are doing this giveaway, in which the winner will be given a phone and bike as a gift. You just have to do a little work for this. Which is described below.

How to get this bike and mobile phone? How can I Win these Phone or Bike in Hindi?

You don’t need to do much to get this phone and bike, you just have to do a little work. But before that you should know how you will get it.


This gift is only for our subscribers, so to get it, you have to subscribe to our channel, there is no need to do anything other than this.

You can watch this video to know about it in detail.


Now here I give you some important things or answers to important questions about this giveaway, so that you do not get confused.

Which bike and which phone will the giveaway be?

The giveaway will be from Oppo Reno 7 Pro 5G Mobile and Royal Enfield’s Classic 350 bike, which you can see in the video.

Where will the giveaway take place?

I have already told you that this giveaway will be done on our YouTube channel.


What will you get in the giveaway?

In this giveaway you will get a chance to win a phone and a bike. The winner will be given a phone and a bike as a gift.

When will the giveaway happen?

This giveaway will be done in 2 parts. The first will be done after the completion of 100k subscribers and the second will be done after the completion of 1 million subscribers.

  • Part 1: 100k subscribers
  • Part 2: 1 Million subscribers

The giveaway of both Bike and Phone will be different, so there should not be a misunderstanding here that both will have the same giveaway.


Who will be the Giveaway Winner?

The giveaway winner will be one of our subscribers. This giveaway is only for those people who have subscribed our channel.

How to win a giveaway?

Since this giveaway is only for our subscribers i.e. only our youtube family, then for this you have to subscribe to our channel. The Real Experiment Must subscribe. This is just one condition.

So help us to complete 1 lakh and then 1 million subscribers on our channel quickly and get mobile phone and bike absolutely free.


Abhishek Tiwarihttps://www.cyberyukti.com
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