Old jaggery is more beneficial than fresh jaggery, know here some important things about jaggery

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Jaggery is such a food item, which you will definitely find in the kitchen of every home. Jaggery used to have a special place in the food plate of the elders. Which he always used to eat after eating. From North India to South India, jaggery has been used in one way or the other in cuisines. Jaggery consumption increases even more in winter. These days people have started eating this popular sweetener in many forms and have also started making it by mixing many things. Jaggery, which is considered beneficial for health, contains many health benefits in itself.

Jaggery is of utmost importance in Indian households as it acts as a useful remedy against modern problems like obesity, indigestion, acidity and low metabolic activity. Ayurveda expert Vikas Chawla of Veda Cure is giving us all kinds of information related to the benefits of jaggery.

gud ke side effects
Jaggery, which is considered beneficial for health, has many health benefits in itself. Image-Shutterstock

What is the opinion of experts

In this regard, Ayurveda expert Vikas Chawla of Expert Veda Cure says that regular consumption of pure jaggery reduces the ill effects of Kapha dosha. At the same time, Pitta dosha remains balanced and also works to detoxify our body. Jaggery contains vitamins and many types of minerals, which work to strengthen the body. Jaggery is a major source of energy, which gives relief from cold and flu in winters.

Why eating old jaggery is beneficial

Before eating jaggery, keep in mind that it should be one year old. Jaggery, rich in potassium, magnesium and iron, proves effective in keeping the body away from many diseases. Jaggery is as old as it is. It is also said to be more beneficial.
According to experts, old jaggery itself contains many health benefits. Old jaggery is dark in color and slightly salty in taste. Which is a sign of her being adulterated. On the other hand, new jaggery can sometimes prove to be the cause of cold in the body. Apart from this, there is also a risk of bacterial infection.

Gud ki tarah ke poshak tatv krta hai
Jaggery contains vitamins and many types of minerals, which work to strengthen the body. images adobe stock

Keep this in mind while eating jaggery

Never eat jaggery with milk. Actually, the effects of milk and jaggery are different. Where the effect of jaggery is hot, then the effect of milk is cold. Which has a negative effect on the body.

How to identify real jaggery

While buying jaggery, keep in mind that its color should be golden brown. If you are buying light colored jaggery, it is prone to sodium and calcium carbonates. The body does not get any benefit from this. If you are suffering from any serious illness. So medical advice is also necessary before consuming jaggery.

benefits of jaggery

By eating jaggery rich in iron properties, there is no shortage of blood in the body.

Eating jaggery completes the deficiency of magnesium in the body. 16 mg of magnesium is found in 10 grams of jaggery.

The properties of potassium are found in jaggery, which work to increase the metabolism of the body.
Consumption of jaggery also proves beneficial in joint pain.

Jaggery is also known as a cleanser. Which proves effective in purifying the blood in the body.

Jaggery is not only tasty to eat but also strengthens the digestive system. It also relieves constipation and other problems related to the stomach. Jaggery by activating digestive enzymes

Works to calm the effects of constipation. Jaggery also benefits our respiratory system.

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