Our body absorbs water or digests it, know how long it takes to digest water?

Best way to drink water: Water is the most important thing for our life after oxygen. Without food a person can survive for a long time but without water it is not possible at all. About 70 percent of our body is made up of water. This is the reason that when we drink less amount of water, its effect on the body becomes visible soon. Lips start drying and the glow of the skin fades.

Water may seem tasteless but potable water of every place has its own distinct taste as well as mineral value. Which makes this water more or less healthy according to the amount of minerals. The water we drink, we drink it mainly in three ways. For example, at normal temperature, by humming or by cooling it in the fridge. With the change in the temperature of the water, its properties and the time of its digestion also changes. Here you are being told about this, when drinking which water is beneficial and which water takes how much time to digest…

How long does it take for water to digest?

When you drink lukewarm water, it takes a while to digest it. The duration of one Muhurta is 48 minutes.
After drinking boiled and cooled water, it takes one and a half hour for its digestion. It takes almost the same amount of time to digest normal temperature water.
On drinking cold water, it takes about 3 hours for its digestion. Now you understand why most health experts refuse to drink cold water or chilled water!

When should we drink what kind of water?

  • If you want to drink water immediately after eating food, then you should drink lukewarm water. Because drinking fresh water or cold water at this time has a bad effect on digestion. There can be a problem of bloating or indigestion.
  • If you want to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, then you should start the day with fresh water in summer and lukewarm water in winter.
  • After exercising or after running, when you feel very thirsty, then you should drink lukewarm water or fresh water. Don’t drink cold water. Follow the same rule even after coming from the hot sun.
  • When you are inside the house and you are very thirsty, you can drink chilled water. If you want to drink chilled water during the journey, first drink half a glass of fresh water and then take chilled water. By doing this, water will be replenished in the body and coolness will also be available.

What is the right way to drink water?

  • Water should always be drunk while sitting because by doing so it reaches the place of digestion in the stomach through the right channels. Now you will say that if you drink water while standing, which water will reach your feet instead of your stomach! You are right that the water will not reach the feet, but when it does not follow its right channels, then it will become the reason for the pain in your joints.

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