‘Rajasthan should be decided soon because…’, said Sachin Pilot amid spat with Ashok Gehlot

Sachin Pilot on Ashok Gehlot: Congress leader Sachin Pilot has once again surrounded Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday (February 15). He has questioned the delay in taking action against Gehlot’s supporters on the issue of Legislature Party meeting.

Sachin Pilot said, “The Congress leadership can best respond to the ‘delay’ in the decision regarding the open defiance against the then party chief Sonia Gandhi by the disciplinary committee.” Discipline and adherence to party stand is same for all. No person is big or small. He further said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigning aggressively. In view of this, a decision on Rajasthan should be taken soon so that the Congress can be prepared for the elections.


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