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Recent research suggests, solar powered cell can increase your age

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To live a long life, it is important for us to be healthy. To stay healthy, both healthy eating and healthy lifestyle are necessary. Sunlight is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Only then the cells of our body will also remain healthy. A recent research suggests that cells powered by solar energy are healthier and humans live longer (effect of sunlight on lifespan).

What does research say (Research on lifespan)

A new research article has been published in the journal Nature Aging. According to this, genetically engineered mitochondria can convert light energy into chemical energy. Cells use this energy, which showed the possibility of aging. This experiment was done on the roundworm C. elegans. This increased the life span of the worm. Research has shown the possibility that cells charged with solar energy can have a greater effect (effect of sunlight on lifespan) in humans. This could have a significant impact on the aging process.

Mitochondria present in the cell can increase the age due to lifespan

According to researchers, mitochondrial function is a consequence of aging. This research found that light-driven mitochondria were used to boost metabolism. This allowed the laboratory worm to live a long and healthy life. This will help to further study mitochondria and identify new ways to treat age-related diseases.

Nerve cells can get help

Mitochondria are organelles found in most cells of the body. These are known as cellular power plants. Mitochondria use glucose to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This compound provides energy for important functions in the cell. Due to this, muscle contractions and electric impulses are produced. This helps nerve cells to communicate with each other.

Neurodegenerative disorders will be able to go away

The exchange of protons results in the production of ATP. Due to this mitochondria are formed in different compartments. This action takes place in a membrane. With aging, the membrane potential begins to decline. Many age-related diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders are due to this. The microscopic roundworm C. elegans has been used by scientists to understand basic biological principles. In many cases the reaction of its body is similar to that of the animal body.

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Many age-related diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders are caused by loss of membrane potential. Image: Shutterstock

To experiment on this, a team of researchers from US and Germany resorted to optogenetics. Optogenetics uses light to control biological processes within cells. Neuroscientists use it to study patterns of brain activity and on specific neurons.

There is an increase in ATP production

The researchers found that the mitochondria of genetically engineered C. elegans harnessed energy from light when exposed to light. Proton pumps move charged ions across the membrane to charge the mitochondria. In the process, the researchers found that this increased both the membrane potential and ATP production of the mitochondria. This resulted in a 30-40 percent increase in the lifespan of the roundworm.

According to researchers, mitochondria are like power plants. In this, they use a source of carbon, mainly glucose, to produce energy useful to the cell. This energy was received due to the connection to the solar panel.

Need for more research

This study is important. This will allow researchers to learn more about the complex biological roles that mitochondria play in the human body. The study also points the way towards identifying ways to study mitochondria in the living cell and support their function. Can play an important role.

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Mitochondria use a source of carbon, mainly glucose, to produce useful energy for the cell. Image: Shutterstock

However, more research is needed in this direction. How mitochondria actually behave in the animal. Due to this, information about the diseases that occur due to old age and how to get more age will be available.

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