Republic Day 2023: These 3 colored vegetables full of nutrients can give more than 30 benefits to your health

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You must have heard a lot about tri color recipes. But have you ever classified the qualities of tri color vegetables and fruits. Many vegetables are available in the market in orange or orange, white and green colors. You will be surprised to know that like similar colours, similar properties are also present in these vegetables. Dr. Aditi Sharma, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad, is giving information about which color vegetables are full of which qualities.Health benefits of tricolor fruits and veggies ,

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Red and orange colored fruits and vegetables

Orange colored fruits and vegetables work to increase our appetite suddenly. Actually, the properties of alpha and beta carotene are found in such foods. Which later take the form of Vitamin A. They get this color due to these nutrients.

These prove to be very beneficial for our health. of body disease resistance From our bones, high health and even work to stop the possibility of cancer. Good for joints and bones, supports eye health, and lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer.

orange color in yellow food similar benefits of foods There are Orange and orange colored foods include orange, tangerine, kamarkha, pumpkin, papaya and apricot.

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Orange colored fruits and vegetables work to increase our appetite suddenly. The properties of alpha and beta carotene are found in such foods. picture shutter stock

Vitamin C is most commonly found in red and orange colored fruits and vegetables. If you include half a cup of red capsicum in your diet, then you get 95 mg of vitamin C from it. This value is about 25 milligrams more than a medium-sized orange.

At the same time, 85 mg of vitamin C is available in one cup of strawberries. It is not that vegetables which are not red and orange are not rich in vitamins. But in these vegetables this special high nutrient content it occurs.
Orange or orange color is a symbol of energy. Orange and carrot juice keeps the body active and acts as an energy booster.

white colored fruits and vegetables

White colored foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce inflammation in the body parts. Apart from this, it prevents cancer and also keeps cholesterol level under control. Carbohydrates and fiber are found in abundance in all of these white foods, including mushrooms, garlic, bananas, white onions, potatoes, cottage cheese, radishes and rice. Anthoxanthin is found in these foods, so it is helpful in reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol.

These vegetables may look colourless. But it is rich in many types of spiritual values. In particular, cauliflower and turnip are found in nutritious elements called glucosinolates. Which protects our body from cancer. On the other hand, antioxidants called polyphenols are found in garlic and onions. On the other hand, the properties of protein and fiber are found in white beans. Also potassium and iron are also available.

green vegetables are alternative to iron
If you are suffering from iron deficiency, then green vegetables are a better option. picture shutter stock

green leafy vegetables

If you are suffering from iron deficiency, green vegetables are a better option, according to nutritionist and author of The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book.

To increase iron in the body, eat green leafy vegetables. Where on the one hand, half a cup of spinach contains 3.2 milligrams of iron. At the same time, peas, greens and lima beans are also considered the main sources of iron. To meet the iron deficiency in the body, make leafy vegetables a part of the daily diet.

Apart from this, they can be eaten by adding them to stuffing, soup or pasta in parathas.

Green color represents healthy life. Whenever it comes to being healthy, the mention of green vegetables comes first. Green vegetables are beneficial for all parts of the body.

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