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India can also be called a hot country to an extent. It is sunny for most of the days of the year and for most parts of the country, especially in North India. But in spite of all this, one thing always disappoints that half of India’s population is suffering from severe deficiency of Vitamin D. An online drug pharmacy recently conducted a survey. In which it was found that about 76 percent of India or say that one out of three Indians are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.

What do online drug pharmacy surveys say?

This survey has made very shocking revelations. It has been revealed in its report that 87 percent of India’s youth are below 25 years of age. Severe deficiency of Vitamin D has been found in them. 81 percent of people aged 25-40 are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Surprisingly, cities like Vadodara, Surat, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Nashik and Visakhapatnam are at the top of the list. The most surprising thing is that the condition of the people living in the cities is more pathetic. This survey has made one thing known that no matter how active we are inside the house, but we must sit in the sun. Our body must get sufficient amount of sunlight. Nowadays people do not sit in the sun due to increasing pollution, but most part of India especially North India is not taking advantage of sunlight.

Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D

As you know, the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Now the question arises that at what time sunlight is beneficial. On this, many researchers believe that if you sit in the sunlight for 10-15 minutes daily in the morning, then this UVB rays are the fastest. It also has a great effect on the body. Within 9 o’clock in the morning, you can stand on your balcony, terrace, garden, neighborhood park or go out of the house and stand at any place and take sunlight. Its direct benefit falls on your body.

If you do this daily then this will be your adequate quota of Vitamin D. After this you will not have to take medicine separately. The rays of the morning sun do not harm you in any way. Nor do you need to worry about skin cancer or skin inflammation and irritation. Because it often happens that whenever we go out, there is always a worry that how will the skin get tanned when we go out. This is…

One should sit in the sun at this time in the morning

You can also manage in this way in the morning. Like you sat in the sun for some time after taking morning tea, newspaper or phone call. People who live in flats. He came out of the house on the pretext of phone. After walking in the sun for a while, went inside the house again. It has always been observed that whenever there is a deficiency of Vitamin D then you take the tablet. But have you ever followed the doctor’s advice, the doctor always says that you must sit in the sunlight for a while. Because sunlight keeps your body active. You feel energetic all day long.

When sunlight hits your skin, there is a sensation inside your tissues. Which starts making vitamin D. This whole process happens so fast that you will be surprised to know that the body makes Vitamin D in a day according to its requirement in a day.
At what time should I sit in the sun?

This is the right time to sit in Dhoom

You can sit in the sun in the morning of winter i.e. between 7 am to 9 am. At this time, the skin makes vitamin D faster and in more quantity. But in summer, you will have to hurry up to sit in the sun, because the heat increases considerably by 9 am in the summer days. If you are sitting in the heat during the summer season, then keep your body fully hydrated. Dark complexion produces more vitamin D than black complexion. In the elderly, the process of making vitamin D slows down with age.

If you feel that you have got Vitamin D by sitting on the window and taking a sun bath, then let us clear this misconception of yours. For your information, let us tell you that you cannot make Vitamin D by sitting in the sunlight coming from the window. Because the glass in your window blocks UVB rays. One advantage of being in the sun is that all the toxic things inside your body will automatically come out. It will not be able to stay in the body for long.

benefits of vitamin d

Vitamin D provides calcium to your body. Prevents bones from becoming weak. Helps prevent respiratory tract infections, shortness of breath, tension, depression, heart disease, muscle pain, stroke and obesity to an extent. A research conducted last month by the University of Finland found that people taking Vitamin D had fewer cases of melanoma. Also, people who take vitamin D medicine or sit in the sun. Very few cases of skin cancer have been seen in those people.

You do not have much option regarding Vitamin D. Especially in food items. Vitamin D is found in abundance in salmon and tuna fish. Or simply say that Vitamin D is found in the yellow part of the egg. But the problem is that most of the Indians are vegetarian and they depend more on vegetables. Vitamin is also found in mushroom in vegetables.

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