The food of children suffering from diabetes can also be tasty, follow this healthy diet plan

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Usually, whenever someone advises us to eat or not eat something, we often ignore it. In the same way, when we stop children from eating something, they also do not agree to that. When scolded too much, they bow down and start whispering to themselves. Now we do not like the bad mood of the children and we allow them to eat whatever they want, which can later become a cause of diabetes for them. Healthy diet is an easy way to control sugar. When it comes to kids, managing their diet is a bit difficult, but not impossible. Let us know some easy ways by which you can serve healthy and yummy recipes to children (how to help a child with diabetes).

Come, let us know some such easy ways, by which you can serve healthy and yummy recipes to children.

It is very important for children suffering from diabetes to eat colorful and green leafy vegetables. This is when Healthshots consulted Dr Sumit Arora, Pediatric Endocrinology Consultant at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, keeping in view the diet of a diabetic child. He said that first of all it is very important to know about diabetes in children.

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Regular consumption of fast food leads to weight gain, which can also become a factor in diabetes. Image: shutterstock

How to detect diabetes developing in children

If your child is passing urine frequently. If the child is feeling very thirsty and starts feeling tired very quickly. Along with this, his weight is also decreasing. So in such a situation, definitely take the child for medical examination. In this regard, Dr. Arora says that if a random blood sugar test shows a level of more than 200 milligrams per deciliter, then it is surely a sign of diabetes.

What type of diabetes is found in children

According to experts, the problem of type 1 diabetes can occur in children of any age group from six months to 18 years. However, cases of type 1 diabetes are found more in children. On the other hand, due to the increasing obesity problem in children, the incidence of type 2 diabetes has also seen a higher than expected increase.

Learn some healthy and tasty diet tips for diabetic children (Healthy diet tips for diabetic children)

Dr Arora suggests home cooking versus fancy recipes preferred traditional food Is. According to him, a combination of starch-free vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates is necessary in the plate of such children. They say that this is the easiest and best way to give nutritious and healthy food to the child.

diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in children
Type 1 diabetes can be fatal for children. Image: shutterstock

what should be the breakfast of a child with diabetes

carbohydrates in their breakfast and Protein-rich vegetables and cottage cheese You can include Besan Chilla Roll made from . Apart from this, poha can also be made by mixing other vegetables including beans and carrots.
what should be the lunch plate
For lunch, you can have a quarter plate of salad, a bowl of raita, bhindi or any other vegetable of your choice. Can serve a bowl of dal and rice along with it.

what to give for dinner to a diabetic child

kids at dinner Give spinach or lentils with roti, Apart from this, salad and raita can also be added to the meal. Actually, both okra and spinach are starch-free and fiber-rich vegetables. Which helps in reducing the glycemic index of your meal.

What kind of food should be kept away from diabetic children

Children suffering from diabetes should be kept away from sweet drinks. Especially avoid juice, sweet lassi and carbonated drinks. These drinks provide calories but no nutrition. At the same time, keep away from fried food along with cookies and nuts. Which are helpful in increasing the amount of transfat in the body. Such food items increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. In such a situation, stay away from this type of food.

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