The London Patient was treated with this technique… both HIV and cancer were cured

Cancer Treatment: HIV is one of the incurable diseases in the world. Once this disease occurs, one has to take medicines for the whole life. HIV is like a nightmare. Such a person also has to face social scorn. At the same time, cancer is also seen as such a serious disease. If this disease is identified at the first stage, then prevention is possible. But if the disease is in the last stage then it is difficult to get treatment. But such news came to the fore, in which the person had both HIV and cancer. Another treatment cured both of the disease. 

Study published in the journal

Recently the report was published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine. It was told in the report that 53-year-old man Adam Castillejo was suffering from both cancer and HIV disease. The patient was given a stem cell transplant for the treatment of cancer. When checked after treatment, both cancer and HIV were cured. Adam Castillejo is also known as The London Patient. 

Confirmed for HIV in 2000

Patient said he was tested positive for HIV in 2000 . At this time, the treatment of HIV was considered very rare. ART medicines were also not that effective. Lymphoma cancer was confirmed after a decade. This was the fourth stage of cancer. Both were seriously ill and lost the will to live. 

Doctors advised stem cell transplant

Bone marrow transplant was not needed to cure HIV. Treatment was going on with ART. But when the lymphoma turned into cancer, the doctors advised stem cell transplant for rescue. Before starting the treatment, the patient had both HIV and cancer. But after the completion of the treatment process, the HIV virus was completely eradicated from the patient’s body. At the same time, relief was also found from lymphoma. 

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