There are amazing benefits of doing workouts in the afternoon, not in the morning or evening, revealed in the study

Afternoon Workout Routine: Good news for those who can’t get up early but can exercise in the afternoon! A new study says that your afternoon workout can give you a healthier and longer life than morning or night workouts. In this research, released on 18 February in Nature Communications, 92,000 individuals were examined from the UK Biomedical Database.

The accelerometer recorded the participants for seven days and tracked how hard and when they worked. Over several years, researchers examined mortality data and discovered that more than 3,000 (or 3%) of the participants had passed away, including about 1,000 from heart disease and 1,800 from cancer.

There are amazing benefits of working out

Compared to individuals who exercised in the evening and morning, those who exercised in the mid-afternoon had a lower risk of both heart disease and overall premature death. The results remained the same for those who frequently changed the timing of their workout routine. Evening workouts took place between 5 pm and midnight, and between 5 am and 11 am.

Older men who were less active and already had heart disease were more likely to experience a lower risk of death from heart disease when they worked out in the afternoon. Any time for physical activity was better than none. What’s more, the risk of dying from cancer remained low across all periods of exercise.

more beneficial for weight loss

Exercising in the morning has more benefits than exercising in the afternoon. A small study from last year found that exercising in the morning helped women lose belly fat and keep their blood pressure in check. On the other hand, afternoon exercise increased muscle strength and proved to be a mood lifter. This goes to show that the best time to exercise depends on your goals. Morning exercise has a better reputation because many people believe that it is easier to maintain a morning routine. According to a study, focusing on your fitness in the morning can be more beneficial for weight loss than exercising at 3 pm or in the late afternoon.

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