There will be neither bleeding nor pain! In this way, Apple Watch will tell the sugar level, has any such technology been made?

Apple Watch: The Apple Watch already comes with a host of health features, including heart rate monitoring, stress monitoring and more. However, Apple still keeps working on new and great features for its watch. A few years ago, the company added ECG feature to select models of Apple Watch. Now reports are leaking that blood glucose monitoring support can be given in the upcoming Apple Watch. If seen, rumors of blood glucose monitoring of Apple Watch have been going on for a long time. Bloomberg has even said in his report that Apple is progressing faster than one can imagine.

Upcoming feature of Apple Watch

Rumors are rife that with the support of blood glucose monitoring, the Apple Watch will soon be able to test the blood glucose level of diabetic and non-diabetic patients without pricking their skin. Now the question is how will the test be done without blood? So it is being said that Apple is developing a silicon photonics chip that will detect the concentration of glucose in the body using optical absorption spectroscopy and laser light. However, work is still going on on this technology.

Has Apple confirmed?

It is also necessary to clarify that Apple has not officially confirmed the arrival of blood glucose monitor in its future watch, but many leaks tell that the company has been working on this project for many years. According to reports, it all started in 2010 when Apple acquired blood glucose monitoring startup Rarelight. Since then Apple is secretly working on this project.

Is blood glucose monitoring possible without a prick?

On the one hand, leaked reports are telling that Apple has been working on blood glucose monitoring technology for many years, but so far we have not seen any technology that can tell without pricking the skin or without blood that a person’s body. How much glucose or sugar rate is there? In such a situation, we can say that it may take a long time for Apple to develop such technology.

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