These 5 signs show that you are not taking care of your vaginal hygiene

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We all are cautious about the health of the skin, but if we talk about the intimate area, women often ignore vaginal hygiene. Because of which not only the vagina but the whole body has to suffer. Because our bladder and stomach are connected to the vagina. As the infection progresses in the vagina, germs and bacteria enter the bladder. After that it can also affect the kidney and liver.

Avoid making small mistakes regarding vaginal health. Unhealthy vagina gives you many signals. Recognizing those signs in time and paying attention to them can stop the problem from progressing. So let’s know, what are those signs (Signs of Poor Vaginal Health) which tell that the vagina needs care.

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6 signs that your vaginal health is at risk

1. Vaginal odor

The vagina is a self-cleansing organ and the vagina has a natural odor of its own. But some of your habits increase the smell of vagina. Negligence towards the hygiene of the vagina increases the risk of infection as well as the pH becomes unbalanced. In such a situation, unwanted odor starts coming from your vagina. Which shows that your vagina needs care.

what are the causes of vaginal itching
The biggest reason for rashes in or around the vagina is not maintaining hygiene. Image: shutterstock

2. Vaginal itching

If your vagina itches frequently then it is not a healthy sign at all. Sometimes products used on the vagina, such as soap and other hygiene products, cause allergies and infections. Due to which the problem of vaginal itching is common. Along with that vaginal itching can be experienced due to yeast infection, UTI, bacterial vaginosis, etc. In such a situation, be aware and try to give a proper care to your vagina.

3. Change in color and amount of vaginal discharge (Irregular discharge)

Vaginal discharge is quite common. But if the color of your discharge is white, brown, red, green and yellow as well as more discharge than regular days, then it indicates that your vaginal health is not normal. This can be a sign of yeast, UTI and other vaginal infections. If your vaginal discharge is like curd and milk, then you may be suffering from yeast infection. Along with this, these can be signs of unbalanced hormones. Don’t ignore it even by mistake.

4. Pain in the lower abdomen

If you have pain in the lower abdomen, then it needs attention. This can be a sign of UTI, muscle pull, bladder infection, uterus and intestinal infection. At the same time, it tells that your pelvic floor muscles need care. If pain is experienced in the lower abdomen just above the vagina, do not ignore it, visit a doctor and get proper treatment.

vaginal infection nahi hota white discharge
There may also be vaginal discharge. Image: shutterstock

5. Vaginal inflammation

This is a common symptom of vaginitis. Along with this, in the case of herpes and UTI, there is swelling in the vagina. At the same time, sometimes vaginal dryness and other skin related problems also cause it. Not only this, the increasing decreasing level of estrogen also causes vaginal inflammation. So never ignore this problem.

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