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These oils made from onion, amla and hibiscus can bring a new shine to your hair, try it today

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As the weather changes, problems related to hair start increasing. Sometimes the hair starts falling out and sometimes it becomes so thin and weak that no one can save it from getting damaged. For this reason, everyone is engaged in making hair thicker and stronger. But where is that thing in today’s cosmetic products that earlier used to be in grandmother’s champi which never allowed hair to become weak.

It is true that as we grow older, we are unable to take the proper care of our hair that it needs. Therefore, if you want to make your hair thick and strong like before, then along with champi, give hair the nourishment of homemade oil, which outside products will never be able to provide.

In the past, when my hair was also falling a lot, then my mother made me homemade oil, using which regularly. Also, regular hair massages helped me in re-growth of my hair.

So, today through this article I am going to tell you some homemade oils tried by my mother which are very easy to prepare.

Know some homemade oils that will give proper nutrition to your hair (Homemade hair oils for hair growth)

1. Onion Oil

Onion oil helps in promoting hair growth. Onions contain a high amount of sulphur, which treats many hair problems. It maintains the pH level of the hair. Onion oil reduces hair fall and helps in hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles.

how to use onion oil
Onion is the solution to all hair problems. images shutterstock

How to prepare this oil

First, chop some onions and curry leaves. Then blend it into a fine paste. Add coconut oil to this paste and heat the mixture on low flame. After five to 10 minutes, increase the flame and let it come to a good boil. Leave this mixture like this overnight. In the morning, filter the oil with a sieve and apply it on the hair.

2. Amla oil

Amla is rich in nutrients and helps in promoting scalp health. According to NCBI, Amla oil helps in preventing premature graying of hair. It enhances hair growth and prevents hair fall.

Make this oil like this

First of all, take some gooseberries. Then grind it without adding water and take out the juice in a bowl. Now boil coconut oil and amla juice in a pan for 10-15 minutes. Switch off the flame once the mixture turns brown. Filter it in a jar and let it cool. Later massage the hair well with this oil.

baalon ke liye faydemand hai amla
Use of Amla is beneficial for hair. images shutterstock

3. Hibiscus oil

Hibiscus is known for hair growth. many in the market herbal hair oil It is used in Using hibiscus oil strengthens the hair roots and prevents breakage. It rejuvenates the scalp and prevents hair fall.

How to make this oil

To prepare this oil you need about eight hibiscus flowers needed. If you want, you can also use hibiscus powder for this. After this you grind these flowers. Pour the paste into a bowl and heat it with coconut oil. Heat the entire mixture until the color of the oil changes. Then turn off the flame and cool this mixture. Filter the oil and use it.

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