These spices kept in the kitchen are helpful in your digestion

Spices For Digestion: No food of us Indians is complete without spices. Many types of spices are used in cooking. Do you know that these spices that enhance taste bring many benefits for your health. On the one hand, eating more spicy and spicy food can harm and spoil the digestion. At the same time, there are some spices which can be used to get rid of all the problems related to your stomach. In this news, let’s tell about those spices which improve your digestion.

These spices are healthy as well as tasty

Cumin :

Cumin is not only used for tempering, its taste and aroma enhances the taste of your food. Along with this, cumin also works to digest food, so if you make any vegetable, then definitely use cumin. You can also use cumin powder for this.

Celery ,
Celery is very beneficial for the stomach. Celery is used to reduce weight and prevent cold. If you are preparing any spicy food, then definitely use celery in it. All these spices are helpful in digesting the food. Apart from this, it is advised to eat celery and black salt only in case of acidity.


Be it lentils or vegetables, tempering of asafoetida is applied to enhance the taste, but this asafoetida also helps in removing problems like stomach pain, gas, indigestion. If you want to keep your digestion right, then you must add asafoetida while cooking your food. With this you can avoid many types of diseases.

Fennel tadka is also used in many things. This spice helps in keeping the digestive system right along with the taste. That’s why it must be used.

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